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  • Tony/Ziva - A Wish for Something More
    Tony/Ziva - A Wish for Something MoreZiva's wish for something more with Tony. Tiva is love, and so are reviews! I love hearing from you! Disclaimer: I own nothing.hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T01:05:421,224 views00:03:49
  • McGee/Abby - (I Wanna) Kiss a Girl

    Because we can all agree that for the most part McGee has crappy luck in love. I mean, really. There was the one girl in "...
    hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T01:05:422,129 views00:03:50
  • XME - Hairspray
    XME - HairsprayBwa ha ha... boredom is productive! My second Hairspray/XME vid.... Hope you like! Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel, XME, Hairspray, the song "Hairspray," or anything else.hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T00:30:292,426 views00:02:23
  • Artemis Fowl/Holly Short - Perfect
    Artemis Fowl/Holly Short - PerfectThey argue too much to be perfect....but they are SO cute and they SO like each other. =) Ah, well. They make me smile. =] Disclaimer: I don't own Artemis Fowl, Holly Short, the AF series, Eoin Colfer, the song "Perfect," Sara Evans, or ...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T00:19:524,861 views00:04:03
  • Artemis Fowl/Holly Short - I'll Be
    Artemis Fowl/Holly Short - I'll BeThey are sooo cute! And come on....last paragraph on page 138 of TTP, anyone? They are so awesome. I shall spare you my 'shipping rants. =) Disclaimer: I don't own Edwin McCain. I don't own the song "I'll Be." I don't own WMG! NO copyrig...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T00:18:453,818 views00:04:46
  • Merry Christmas, Nic!
    Merry Christmas, Nic!This was done awhile ago...still after Alli's, but awhile ago. Yet another interesting part 1 gift thing. Disclaimer: I don't own anything.hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T00:04:511,930 views00:04:14
  • Merry Christmas, Alli!
    Merry Christmas, Alli!O the randomness. Our friendship is so diverse, yes? Mwa ha ha. This is part 1 of your Christmas gift, "Andrew." Disclaimer: I don't own Allie, "Diverse City," TobyMac, or anything else associated with this video.hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-02T00:03:572,268 views00:04:23
  • The X-Men Like to Snap, Krackle, Pop!
    The X-Men Like to Snap, Krackle, Pop!Ice cream soda pop! No real theme to this one. I like the song though. :) Disclaimer: I don't own "Snap krackle pop," First Family, XME, Marvel, or anything else associated with this video.hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:59:5830,426 views00:03:47
  • Acheron - Concrete Angel
    Acheron - Concrete AngelAn idea I rather like that I just couldn't get out of my head....because we all know that Ash is a little girl who has a, um, violent parent... I guess this makes Berard the parent... :) lol just kidding (mostly) But despite the total lack of havi...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:52:122,694 views00:04:09
  • Haley Graham - Just the Way I Am
    Haley Graham - Just the Way I Am:) An idea I've for approximately FOREVER...only just recently got the DVD so I could take clips. I like the beginning, but I wish I'd done smaller clips towards the end. :/ Gimme your feedback by COMRASCRIBING! (hehehe, Allie....That would be com...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:52:092,354 views00:02:01
  • Lei'ella/Varden - You and Me
    Lei'ella/Varden - You and MeA *gasp* slideshow! I know, I know, it's so against my movie-making principles....but hey, Inverloch is AWESOME! And I tried to have the pics match the lyrics and the beat as much as was possible. Comment and rate, please! This was made to help In...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:48:222,139 views00:03:17
  • Jott, Kurtty, Romy, and Tonda - Hello
    Jott, Kurtty, Romy, and Tonda - HelloUmm... well, in all honesty, I felt the need to make a video but had no inspiration, so I picked a song from out of the blue and built on it. It's like "Rogue's Once Upon a December," only it's not. :) Song is "Hello" by Hawk N...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:43:112,724 views00:03:32
  • Rogue's Once Upon a December
    Rogue's Once Upon a DecemberWow. Hardly even deserves to be called an idea. In reality, I wanted to make a vid but had no inspiration, so I chose a random song and built on it. This is what I have to show for it. The basic story of this vid is that Rogue can't remember the X...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:40:4029,659 views00:02:51
  • The X-Girls are Boomin'!
    The X-Girls are Boomin'!An X-Girls (known in one episode as the "Bayville Sirens") trib to the song "Boomin'" by Tobymac. Yet another of my random ideas. :) Disclaimer: I own nothing. Something to look for: at 1:15 it sort of looks like Rogue is actua...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:38:012,582 views00:03:54
  • The X-Girls Live in an Imaginary World....
    The X-Girls Live in an Imaginary World....I guess the title is a little generic....this is ACTUALLY more about Danielle Moonstar, X23, Amara, Rogue, and Kitty than the X-Girls in general. There's also a bit of Rahne and Storm thrown in there too, because they sorta fit the song. This was ...hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:37:423,098 views00:04:24
  • Kurtty - Ancient History
    Kurtty - Ancient HistoryA Kurtty (Kurt/Kitty) trib. (surprise!) Song is "Ancient History" by Hawk Nelson, clips are from X-Men Evolution, characters are from Marvel. Long list short :I claim NOTHING. No copyright infringement intended, and all that great stuff....hawknelsonluvrr2010-10-01T23:35:323,033 views00:03:37