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Taking on Too Much
What are you trying to take on that only God can do

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Pray Even After God Gives You What You Were Praying For



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  • sKeLaNiMaLz
    sKeLaNiMaLzjust like meh fav animals eva!!!!flyleaf12010-10-02T00:50:421,396 views00:01:57
  • Me feedin Spunky ( my doggy ) peices of hotdog!!!! lol so cute
    Me feedin Spunky ( my doggy ) peices of hotdog!!!! lol so...very cute video of my doggy gettin peices of hotdog!!!

    lol so cute!!
    flyleaf12010-10-02T00:09:122,595 views00:00:40
  • AwEsOmE PaRaMoRe PiKs.........YaY!!!
    AwEsOmE PaRaMoRe PiKs.........YaY!!!just some awesome piks of paramore!!!!!flyleaf12010-10-02T00:08:521,783 views00:03:36
  • 9 in the Afternoon By: Panic at the Disco
    9 in the Afternoon By: Panic at the Discoi thought i would upload this awesome song, cuz its like one of there clean or cleanest songz!flyleaf12010-10-02T00:07:582,766 views00:03:18
  • Red Sam - FlyLeaf
    Red Sam - FlyLeafThe title comes from the names of band members JaRED Hartmann and SAMeer Bhattacharya.

    In a TVU spot, lead singer Lacey Mosley said: "It's kinda personal, some of the stuff about it. But its really just about how I got saved. I...
    flyleaf12010-10-02T00:05:012,474 views00:03:25
  • Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood
    Just A Dream - Carrie UnderwoodI Love this song, it reminds me of my uncle who's in Iraq right now!

    It's a very touching song and thought a lot of people could relate to it! Mostly because a lot of people's family members are in the Military, Army, and yeah!
    flyleaf12010-10-02T00:02:496,603 views00:04:52
  • Cute, but Random
    Cute, but RandomJust some random pictures again, they are kinda emo, but thats ok!!!!

    But nothing drastic like cutting or anything!!!!!!

    I don't like that kinda stuff!!
    flyleaf12010-10-02T00:00:553,981 views00:02:39
  • ConVeRsE_RoX_mY_SoX
    ConVeRsE_RoX_mY_SoXJust a simple video, picutres of converse thats it!!!! If you see what my name is then you'll know why I called it this!!!

    flyleaf12010-10-02T00:00:082,841 views00:02:47
  • Hello Kitty Fun
    Hello Kitty FunJust some random pictures of hello kitty set to the music of Miley Cyrus!!!! i waz bored! no seriously i wazflyleaf12008-09-28T00:00:004,564 views00:03:11
  • Jonas Brothers - Shelf
    Jonas Brothers - ShelfJust some random pictures of the Jonas Brothers + a song from their new cd A Little Bit Longerflyleaf12008-09-20T00:00:003,969 views00:03:53
  • FlyLeaf - Fully Alive
    FlyLeaf - Fully AliveThis is the first video for me to put on GodTube so PLEASE no harsh comments!!! This song (Fully Alive) is on FlyLeafs newest album.flyleaf12008-08-22T00:00:004,097 views00:02:46