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  • How NOT to Read the Bible
    How NOT to Read the BibleDo you feel comfortable in certain parts of the Bible more than others?

    Check out "Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin—a book written to help you develop a plan for engaging, consistent, and transformative Bible study.

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    crosswaybooks2014-08-13T10:58:5425 views00:01:43
  • "The Boy and the Ocean" - A reading by author, Max LucadoBest-selling author Max Lucado helps young children grasp the unending love of God in this beautifully illustrated short story of discovery and wonder in exploring the amazing world that God has madecrosswaybooks2013-07-02T16:43:5813,686 views00:07:04
  • "Sex & Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty"Sex and money can easily captivate out minds and steal our worship. Paul Tripp unmasks the hollow lies of this world, directing readers to the liberating power of the gospel and offering real-world advice for fighting sexual and financial idolatry...crosswaybooks2013-07-02T16:24:171,219 views00:03:00
  • Disability and the Gospel
    Disability and the Gospel"Disability and the Gospel" explores key Bible passages on the brokenness and disability to develop helpful principles for believers and churches, teaching them to embrace their own brokenness and then to embrace those who are more physically and...crosswaybooks2013-07-02T16:19:09699 views00:01:57
  • Zack Eswine on Significance in the Ordinary
    Zack Eswine on Significance in the OrdinaryAuthor Zack Eswine shares his personal story of being a pastor, and how it shapes his views. His book, "Sensing Jesus," presets sound pastoral theology couched in autobiographical musing and emotive prose, and offers a fresh and biblically faithf...crosswaybooks2013-07-02T16:14:04666 views00:04:27
  • "Church Planter" by Darrin PatrickFrom Crossway Books. Video by The Resurgence. For more information:
    crosswaybooks2013-07-02T16:09:08514 views00:04:32
  • Weakness is the Way by J.I. Packer
    Weakness is the Way by J.I. PackerJ.I. Packer helps Christians to embrace weakness as he shares about his own struggles in this book of meditations on 2 Corinthians. Ultimately, Packer directs us to the ultimate source of strength and power: Christ himself.crosswaybooks2013-07-02T15:54:04550 views00:02:58
  • Bret Lott On Being a Writer, On Being a Christian
    Bret Lott On Being a Writer, On Being a ChristianWriting is both a significant and intimate activity. Acclaimed novelist Bret Lott reflects on his life as a writer through five essays exploring everything from the importance of literary fiction to the pain of personal loss.crosswaybooks2013-07-02T15:49:05307 views00:04:41
  • The Vision Behind  'Why Cities Matter to God: The Culture, and the Church'
    The Vision Behind 'Why Cities Matter to God: The Culture...Using sociological research and data, urban pastors Stephen Um and Justin Buzzard lay out the vision and rationale for church planting, cultural engagement, and missionary impulses in our world's cities as they provide a solid theological foundati...crosswaybooks2013-07-02T15:39:05390 views00:02:33
  • Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home
    Glimpses of Grace: Treasuring the Gospel in Your HomeThe work that goes into managing a home can sometimes feel boring and insignificant. Furman reminds women of the gospel's extraordinary power over ordinary life, helping homemakers see and savor the miraculous in the mudanecrosswaybooks2013-07-02T15:34:05620 views00:03:32
  • Christ + City: Why the Greatest Need of the City Is the Greatest News of All
    Christ + City: Why the Greatest Need of the City Is the G...Over half of the world's population now lives in cities, but the gospel has not yet flourished in many important urban centers. Dennis calls Christians to reach city-dwellers through passionate proclamation and whole life engagement.crosswaybooks2013-07-02T15:14:04251 views00:07:42
  • The Fruitful Wife: Cultivating a Love Only God Can Produce
    The Fruitful Wife: Cultivating a Love Only God Can Produc...Hayley DiMarco applies the fruit of the Spirit to wives, taking a look at how each fruit impacts a woman's day-to-day life and manifests itself as she attempts to love others the way God loves her.

    Learn More:
    crosswaybooks2012-09-10T11:09:08829 views00:03:09
  • Dangerous Calling
    Dangerous CallingRecognizing the widespread struggles facing pastors today, author Paul Tripp exposes and exhorts the cultures that train and support our church leaders so that they can lead well and our churches can be healthy.

    Learn more/read an excer...
    crosswaybooks2012-09-10T11:04:07960 views00:03:48
  • What Did You Expect? Book Trailer
    What Did You Expect? Book Trailer

    A longtime Christian counselor presents reconciliation as a lifestyle for all marriages and illustrates this grace-based approach with six daily commitments that will equip couples to navigate the day-to-day realities of married life.
    crosswaybooks2012-06-05T15:39:40584 views00:03:13
  • Chiveis Trilogy Book Trailer
    Chiveis Trilogy Book Trailer

    "The Sword," "The Gift," and "The Kingdom" by Bryan M. Litfin.
    Now available from

    About the books:
    "Four hundred years in the future, a deadly virus and colossal nuclear war have destroyed the modern ...
    crosswaybooks2012-06-05T15:29:05534 views00:01:58

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