A Severely Bullied Child Will Inspire You With His Courage Against Bullies



  • 2013-08-27T11:29:57

Caine, I am so proud of you! I too would love to zip their lips. Stay strong and remember God is with you always! If these bullies are not, they should be very jealous of you! You are wise beyond your years. May God continue to bless you always!

  • 2013-08-27T04:25:51

Caine, you are, and will continue to be, a huge blessing to other bullied children. I feel you will take this cause and make it yours. You will become famous and known as the small town boy who made schools safe again. I love you and pray GOD uses you in a mighty way. Blessings on you, my I-just-made-you-my-honorary grandson. You have blessed me.

  • 2013-08-20T18:24:51

Well done Caine! Bullies are insecure people that feel that they need to give someone a hard time just to feel better about themselves!

  • 2013-08-20T11:02:59

Good on you Caine for speaking up, you are so brave for doing so. Bullies sadly will always be a part of our lives, as many do not change but just grow up and become husbands, fathers, bosses, co-workers, etc and often continue there senseless, vain and cruel attacks on others. Until we all become like Caine and start to stand up to all types of bullying it will still trickle down into our schools and then flourish and bloom into the future doing a lovely cycle of abuse that touches many of us.If a child is bullying you need to look at what is happening in the home. Often the child doing the bullying is coping it bad in their own home. Many are feeling unloved and hold little value about themselves and others. They need to put others down to feel good about who they are, it's like stealing from the rich to feed the poor....the bully is poor in many ways so he tries to steal the goodness from the nice kids, the shy and the different ones..he wants what they don't have and that is their self esteem and their value. These are the things he/she should receive from their parents most of all, as sense of self and acceptance of who they are. But when that is missing they act big and tough( big barriers protecting them) when inside they are broken vessels, needing help and healing. They are constantly afraid that someone will find out their secret that they are nothing but scared, empty, lonely, hurting people to afraid to be open and honest and most of all vulnerable. Sadly we all have to learn how to cope with bullies, but I believe schools should have a stronger support system for students who are bullied and intervention for the bully themselves. If the bully never gets help as a young person it is most likely they will continue the behaviour as an adult in some capacity. Statistics show a percentage of them go on to commit more serious crimes that result in death and other heinous crimes. Good on you for speaking up Caine you are one little bright light that will give hope to many others in the same situation. God Bless you!

  • 2013-08-20T07:40:34

You are both amazingly musically talented. Gifted! Use it. My foremost memories of both of you is your singing and guitar playing. And my memories of you Murray, at your house, was playing with string telephones and always being amazed at how clean your house was.

  • 2013-08-19T17:07:03

What he's experienced is assault. Where is the school administration? Teachers? They know what's going on. Caine should notify the police and get a lawyer.

  • 2013-08-19T12:53:58

I'm still singing too Murray , I sang for my patients when I worked at the hospital in Adelaide, I sang at patients funerals, I sang for activites for the elderly and I loved it and they loved it! the down side was some staff made fun of me or complained I was keeping them from working even though I asked for their permission first! and the final straw was when the guitar that a patient had donated to our ward all people to play, was stomped on accidently at first but then just left for me to discover without an apology! and then there was staff who didn't like the songs I was singing but hey I was not singing for them I was singing for the patients and was given permission to sing during work hours

  • 2013-08-19T12:42:45

I thought we were pretty good friend at school Murray!

  • 2013-08-19T12:41:08

oh Murray I am crushed that you don't remember us singing! lol

  • 2013-08-19T12:06:14

Kellie Jane Anderson I don't think I remember singing with you but I'm sure that sounds like the sort of thing i'd do...I loved singing (still do) even though people told be to stop it because I sounded terrible. I just listened to the ones that liked my singing.

  • 2013-08-19T12:03:25

Kellie Jane Anderson wow I still think of you as a friend Kellie. I forgot that you too had a hard time at school I'm sorry I was not more of a friend for you then. I guess we were so wrapped in the pain of our won live we don't easily see the pain of others or feel empowered to do anything about it. I remember in grade 2 or 3 I was punched in the face by a bully in the toilets, my eye swelled up but no one noticed or said anything. Those days were a mixed bag of emotions that's for sure.

  • 2013-08-19T11:52:30

Its the "bully" who needs counseling and help but they would just laugh of the suggestion. I know I was the biggest girl in lavington public school and what I thought was rough play hurt others like Robert Alpol and Michael Mitch but the fact when I was teased for being overweight I understood what is was like to be different and developed a deep love and respect for people but if I had not have been teased and made to cry etc and if I was not overweight I could have become a person who is not very nice. I hid from Mr weekly because he slaped an aboriginal (Tony Ridgeway) I was scared and did not know what to do (I should have told the headmaster) but I was only 8! I went on to love school and loved my friends (was not perfect of course) but I loved my friends because they liked me for who I was not what I looked like.

  • 2013-08-19T11:37:58

I had a huge crush on you at school murray so I hope we were friends! do you remember us singing the one that I want?

  • 2013-08-19T11:35:23

Wow Caine, you are an amazing young man! You have been created for a very special purpose in life and I think you are just beginning to shine your light. I know what it was like to be bullied at school by many of my 'classmates' for a number of years (felt like a lifetime) but God showed me that they only did it because of the hurt, loneliness and sadness they were secretly hiding inside themselves because the truth was they didn't believe that anyone truly loved or accepted them for who they were so they think by trying to fit in or be popular or accepted by bullying others will make everything o.k. but they will find out the cold reality soon enough that what they think they have now, is all really just an illusion. Think about it, if they are so tough and popular then why do they only find the most innocent and gentle people to pick on? You have been given a gift of encouragement, honesty and incredible bravery Caine so keep doing what you are doing and NEVER give up no matter what others say. As a result of me being bullied (and other things in my life) and even eventually choosing to forgive them (one of the hardest things I have ever done), I became more focused on those around me who also needed help, a kind word, a smile, anything that would brighten up someone's day so that they know that someone else cares about them. I know that God cares so much about you and because of what you've so bravely shared SO many more people are caring and praying for you right now including me! God bless you Caine.

  • 2013-08-19T10:57:35

Caine I am very proud of you for speaking up. Do not let other people dictate your opinion of yourself or tell you who you are. Ask for God's opinion. Only His is valid. To him you're are worth everything. I have been through this too, as did my daughter. You know what? If you allow it to change you for the better rather than for the worse, you will grow such a soft and tender heart toward others that it will take you places and introduce you to people the bullies will never know. The truth will set you free - that truth is that you are NOT what they call you or say to you, or how they treat you. You are unique, and special, and one day will stand tall and free with a heart that loves tenderly and passionately, helping others who follow behind you. In the meantime ask God for some strategies and to put people around you who will make a difference. Assault is assault, whether in the school or outside - seek advice. You have a legal right to be safe. Bullying stops when we all stand up and say NO MORE!

  • 2013-08-19T03:06:58

Your not different THEY are! Don't change for them or anyone. Keep your head up, you are going to win in the end.

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