Plumb - I WANT YOU HERE (Official Live Performance)



  • 2014-05-26T23:05:06

Your whole CD has helped me and some of my family deal with the loss of our mother who raised us mostly on her own for years. She had 5 of us by the time she was 21 started when she was only 14. We were all very close until she passed and now everyone has separated in two's as mom did have a 6th child. She married my dad twice and never remarried. She was our Rock!! We miss her very much but listening to your music is soothing but still right now a bit of tears still come. It has only been weeks since she passed and now on my way to grandmas service. So Please pray for our family to be a family again some day. Thank you for all you do, maybe some day if able I can come see you live!!

  • 2013-10-20T14:55:51

Plumb! My family and I went to see you sing in Vineland NJ just recently. Amazing! Your music touched my heart deeply. My nine year old fell in love with you when she first heard your "One drop of Love" song. AFter that we were both hooked. "I Want You Here" is a personal song to me. My sister and brother in law lost an almost 2 year old son after trying for five years to conceive. Thank you Jesus they have made it through, still going through hard times but with God all things are possible. Healing is here! I love the song because we can be real with God, He knows what we are going through and that song is just a reminder!!!! Love it! Keep singing and touching the lives of REAL people!

  • 2013-09-15T05:51:43

happybirthday for yesterday tim how does it feel to be 21 again love pam

  • 2013-09-13T00:25:32

i love this song just love

  • 2013-07-02T06:42:45

I am in a similar situation and understand your pain. It is an incredibly painful situation. I will pray for you.

  • 2013-06-07T03:55:54

Praying for you

  • 2013-06-01T06:00:12

Prayed many times in my 22 year marriage...my hubby is now going to church with me for the first time! Don"t give up!

  • 2013-05-25T13:17:59

A Lovely Song & makes ya think...

  • 2013-05-01T19:53:33

I'm going thru a separation and have totally lost myself trying to save my husband and now I don't know what to do with myself.... I am lost, I need healing and love... God I need you here with me..

  • 2013-03-23T11:57:12

Awesome songs all three ! Nice to see you on fb

  • 2013-03-23T01:02:55


  • 2013-03-07T03:54:54

My husband died a few months ago. This song speaks what is in my aching heart. I so want him to still be here.

  • 2013-03-07T03:47:48

Wow awesome! Took my breathe away.

  • 2013-03-02T15:42:49

Great performance

  • 2013-03-02T06:14:17

Super powerful song...very touching.

  • 2013-03-02T03:12:04

Truly Beautiful.

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