Celine Dion Surprises The Canadian Tenors With EPIC Duet



  • 2014-02-09T20:24:33

LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! So so beautiful ! XOXO

  • 2014-02-01T16:08:12

Wow . .This is the first time I have been to this page. Reading through some of the comments there is a lot of judgment and hate. Not a good place to be. Just to clear something up regarding the appearance of Oprah. This was her show. She (her people) set this up and made it happen. Enjoy this for what it was, a wonderful music experience.

  • 2013-12-09T00:29:21

Are you guys that closed minded and feel this is not a religious song? Sometimes many of you give religion a bad name by being OVERLY criticizing and often way off the mark. Who cares about Oprah, one of the biggest racist in the world...this is NOT about her.

  • 2013-11-24T04:31:11

Also for all the ones making negative remarks to really see where they are in their hearts. Definitely not love.

  • 2013-11-24T04:27:08

Peter Fisico Wow! Praise be to The Lord that He didn't feel that way before he called you into the fold.

  • 2013-11-24T04:25:31

Peter Fisico Your "facts" stem from judgments you have made about her. Think about it.

  • 2013-11-24T04:23:47

I completely agree with you Krista. But then again, the KKK call themselves Christians also. Their voices were amazing, then Celine, a true angel's voice, added hers and such joy filled my heart. I won't allow anyone here to take that away from me.

  • 2013-11-05T14:13:02


  • 2013-05-09T19:43:53

oh Bill that was wonderful....and your not going anywhere.....

  • 2013-05-09T19:31:37

These voices are what I wish to hear before my last breath. Marvelous.

  • 2013-04-17T23:10:40

Elaine Holt ..should we not judge the evil Hilter was under the influence too? Or maybe those who prey on the weak? Where do you draw the line of judging?

  • 2013-04-15T03:29:48

I just love the video. Oprah is okay too. She believes in God.........

  • 2013-04-08T10:39:57

Hi Marion can you contact me please. I noticed you wanted twin car seats. I have a twin stroller you can have if you don't have one

  • 2013-04-08T05:03:54

she said it in one of her show ,i hope the holy spirit touch her that Jesus is Lord...

  • 2013-04-08T01:19:06

Anyone interested in the original version can read that here (reader discretion advised): http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/leonardcohen/hallelujah.html ... it is definitely not Christian, and in fact is SO UNCHRISTIAN that it seems contrary to decency to try to make a clean version out of it. (After all, the cleaned up version could lead a person to the dirty version.) God says not to mix the holy and the profane, to abhor that which is evil (and that is New Testament, not Old, if it matters to you). For more discussion on the meaning of the song and how it is used, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallelujah_(Leonard_Cohen_song).

  • 2013-04-06T17:14:18


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