Revelation Road - Official Trailer



  • 2013-09-11T16:17:31

Faith based #1 Christian Action movie star! Christian movies? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1456571/

  • 2013-07-03T04:31:43

Why isn't this on iTunes?

  • 2013-06-16T11:28:50

Judging by this trailer, it seems Christian movies are really moving beyond the hokey Left Behind sort of approach to end times dramas, to something that looks like serious film. I always thought the big mistake made with Left Behind was tackling the tribulation on such a big scope. This one seems to be more focused on a little slice of the world at that time. Like Schindler's List. Seems effective.

  • 2013-04-13T19:42:42

Wonderful Movie...Accion, Drama, and....The Great Message about God..1 TES.4:15-18 :)

  • 2013-03-21T03:50:24

Good Movie. I love a movie that pulls me in and then makes me think.

  • 2013-03-21T03:20:15

Going to pick that move ASAP.looks great.

  • 2013-02-28T18:33:56

Watch and share. Movie is available March 12th.

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