15 Year Old Blind Piano Prodigy Plays Song After Hearing it Only Once - AMAZING!



  • 2013-03-13T02:37:52

"wrong key"? So let's see...he's blind, he's only heard the song once in his entire life and can replay it like that and you want to nitpick over playing in the wrong key (even when the video guy said it's his own rendition). Give it a rest man...I'd like to see you do any better.

  • 2013-03-06T18:49:13

I am blown away with this child's amazing gift! His rendition is somehow MORE than the original piece!

  • 2013-02-22T02:34:01

He may be Beethoven reincarnated!!!

  • 2013-02-11T09:50:02

I love when people play the piano I'm so glad God gave people the talent like kuha to play the piano! praise god!

  • 2013-02-06T05:50:29

Truly AMAZING! Thanks GOD your so good! Love this!

  • 2013-01-19T15:43:49

Thank you Father for opening a Big Window when th edoor was shut on his eyes. Heal him dear Lord if it be your will in Jesus naem Amen.

  • 2013-01-18T19:38:46

AND, this includes rhythm - all through listening and feeling - can we get this? Creative Beings we are and there is nothing that can stop us from being who we are purposed to be - no matter what the challenge!

  • 2013-01-18T19:36:39

OH, and may I add, Kuha'o is playing chords - as in many levels of vibratory elements united and presenting a blended-harmonious-musical journey- unique for each one of u s who listens. AMAZING!

  • 2013-01-18T19:29:11

What a gift, and how natural it is for Kuha'o to express himself through the music he hears. Wow, is God amazing and so are we, created in His Image, born again through His only begotten Son, and led by the precious Holy Spirit - nothing is impossible with God. We will hear more from Kuha'o I am sure, TYJ!

  • 2013-01-18T19:00:03

While he might not have our normal ''Sight"..He is blessed with a GREATER vision and gift from God..Just truly Breathtaking and what a blessing he sure is ;).

  • 2013-01-18T17:39:27

God is so good he pours out gifts on everyone I never see the disability in a person only the love and special gifts and talents that person has to share Praise to the Lord most high!

  • 2013-01-09T16:15:47

Unbelievable... I want to hug him. This is no doubt a special gift from God. May God continue to bless you and make you to shine around the world as His light.

  • 2013-01-09T12:08:18

Ok, I only have one problem with this, if that was the first time he heard that song, why did he immediately sing along, saying, Phantom of the Opera? Otherwise, nice rendition. He has talent.

  • 2013-01-07T04:51:57

He is amazing. because he is blind we see his great talent and appreciate. God is always looking for our good, and he always uses us to show his glory.

  • 2013-01-04T00:58:51

he is amazing and he is lucky to have yall, he is loved :)

  • 2013-01-03T08:12:10


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