Bride's Touching Father-Daughter Dance - Without Her Deceased Father



  • 2013-01-05T14:21:45

It's her brother :) He mentions that "Dad" would want to be here & he changes the end of the song too... sweetest thing I've ever seen

  • 2013-01-05T05:00:33

i had to repost...i was in tears

  • 2013-01-05T02:44:19

Pretty choked up myself Kim...

  • 2013-01-05T02:43:07

I couldn't even get through five minutes of that video.

  • 2013-01-05T02:30:15

This made me cry..I am so glad I got to dance with my Dad at my wedding, to this song...that was 12 years ago, and he died 3 years ago..I miss you so much Daddy...I love you<3.

  • 2013-01-05T00:39:52

I am so with you on this one, bawling too.

  • 2013-01-04T22:50:28

How touching!

  • 2013-01-04T20:20:58

Some of the replies to Rose don't seem very "christian" to me. She wasn't nasty or rude. Nor does chastising her for having an opinion, seem right. There are plenty of Christians out there that do dishonest things for a variety of reasons, and she doesn't have to blindly accept anything she sees without analysis just because it's on a Christian site. I don't think someone not crying is proof that they aren't having real emotions, some people don't cry much. But, what I find very odd is that there are two video cameras on the couple, and that the video is edited as a television show would be, between the two feeds. That would be unusual and expensive for wedding videography. I also got the sense that neither of the two were nervous at being in front of the crowd. Most of us strongly dislike public speaking and look nervous and awkward, even if front of family. Now, I don't know this couple, perhaps they act as a profession. I'm just saying, that I oddly had the same sensation about this that Rose did, but for different reasons. I don't think that questioning things we see make us heartless, evil people. God gave us eyes and a brain, and some of us are cautious and scrutinize things more closely than others. I think Rose is entitled to use her judgment as she sees fit without being called names. Same goes for me, please.

  • 2013-01-04T20:02:30

Cried more then the bride....loved it.

  • 2013-01-04T18:01:54

Might be more meaningful for those of us watching if we knew who each person was to this woman who dances with her.

  • 2013-01-04T10:52:49

wow! I had a lots of tears, I got married 2 years ago my father died when I was 22 and I got married for the first time at the age of 44, I couldn't do it because my Dad wouldn't of been able to dance with me but I finally met the men of my dream and I married him my maid of honor sang me a special song and she died last November so when I lesson to that video that bring me a lots of memories back if I could understand its your husband who sing that to you its the most beautifull gift that I ever seen in my life thank you so much for sharing I felt you pain but he was with you all along, have a happy life together xoxoxo.

  • 2013-01-04T06:41:19

Lost mt Dad at the age of sixteen...My wonderful brother walked me down the asile... Not the same as my daddy... He was only ninteen and gave it his best. My daughter was married and this was the song that my husband, her Daddy danced to at her wedding. I cried as much watching this video as I did when I watched my daughter dance with her dad. God Bless This Wonderful Family!

  • 2013-01-04T06:03:52

Yep, cried like a baby.

  • 2013-01-04T04:44:14

I'm bawling watching this!

  • 2013-01-04T03:38:15

Dave Appel I will pray for you aswell. God bless you.

  • 2013-01-04T03:34:50

That was beautiful <3.

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