Baby Is Fast Asleep Until Her Favorite Song Comes On - CUTE!



  • 2013-08-14T00:00:01

made me do that dance.

  • 2013-04-26T13:32:31

Julia Tilsner but at the same time think about it GANGnam style....? Asians singing stuff u dnt understand and dancing with their makin wat cud very well be sumn bad , its safer to jus stick to gospel. There are all diferent types of gospel , that im sure everyone cn find an artiste(s) that they like. It is possible to have AN AWESOME time IN THE LORD! just wantedd to put in m views, no hate.

  • 2013-04-26T00:54:29

I love these hapy baby videos.

  • 2013-04-13T01:46:07

Man J...Your good...:)) BroT

  • 2013-03-27T18:51:15

Waaaaaaaa... so cute..

  • 2013-03-26T11:41:53

That was the cutest video; so funny! The sister's reaction is priceless!

  • 2013-03-10T03:48:47

Big sister so funny cute Adorable.

  • 2013-03-01T08:14:29

Now days, a lot of Christians from South Korean, please up date the news please... Jesus also loves south korean...

  • 2013-02-20T20:44:11

Strange how I CAN listen to any song, like the beat, and NEVER even hear the words. A Video that is displayed for the laugh that it is intended, not to mention us seeing their adorable beautiful soul children, is to be viewed as that...NOTHING more.

  • 2013-02-20T20:41:00

This clip is fun and makes the Christian laugh. A TRUE Christian would NOT even notice the words, ONLY the fun it activates. Take for what it is, Lia.

  • 2013-02-20T20:38:37

Wake up to the BEAT, Lia Tatar.

  • 2013-02-20T20:37:35

Funny my mind NEVER got subjected by the words of the song, ONLY the fun actions that it stirs in good humor people. I still have NOT heard any of the words but the chorus and even that, I barely can make it out. The BEAT is what is making people like it, NOT the words.

  • 2013-02-20T20:35:55

NOT a one is holy, and NOT a one shall ever be who is NOT in the Ministry as a TRUE Priest or NUN, and even them burn of some thing in their flesh. FACT!!!

  • 2013-02-20T20:34:17

Raymond, I have seen a FEW Videos on people's joy and fun on this song, and NOT once did I hear the words of it but the Chorus. I looked at the Video for the fun and laugh of it. TRULY, the LORD shall UNDERSTAND!!!

  • 2013-02-20T20:31:57

The one to FEAR is the LORD, Ivan. The LORD will NOT throw parents in jail for laughing along over their children's taste in music. Wake up to the BEAT!!!

  • 2013-02-20T20:26:43

I have NEVER heard any thing but the Chorus of this song and ONLY Listened to it at each funny Video posted with this song attached to it. I had NO idea that it was a plug in against Americans. Guess I'll have to listen to the whole song's words one day.

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