Christianity.com: How should we respond when it seems as though God isn't answering our prayers?-Scotty Smith



  • 2012-03-28T11:19:31

God answers prayers, but what should we ask Him? We sure should pray for our loved ones and self, but we desperately need to pray for North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Yemen that people may not die of starvation and get liberated and saved through hearing the Gospel. Pray for millions of abused children, persecuted Christians, human slaves, and for 1 billion humans who are starving.

  • 2012-03-28T11:08:32

Amen. I was stunned to see HOW MUCH prayers God has answered by comparing the book of "Operation World" of 2011 and that of 1987. God completely dismantled most of the closed nations that had been locked up tightly either by atheists or oppressive paganism. Communist nations are dissolved and Islamic nations are opened up. Most nations now have sizable Christian population unlike a quoter century ago. The Gospel reaches the most remote places by internet and other means. The Christians in the West should pray for God's mercy that He would spare our children since our society has become hopelessly blasphemous and perverse.

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