Easter Cardboard Testimonies



  • 2012-04-07T00:55:05

All things are possible through God's grace and mercy!

  • 2012-04-07T00:51:02

3 months ago we lost our teenage son who was sold out to Jesus. God is carrying us.We know he is rejoicing in Heaven.

  • 2012-04-06T23:45:57

Elizabeth A Hill Happy Easter to you and your family as well!!! It would be soooo cool to have a visit with you in the future Elizabeth!! I'm believing no matter what comes my way in life, this sense of Freedom will always flow through me now. My God is more powerful than anything this world can thow at me. I'm enjoying this time to sing and bring glory to His Name for all He has done for me!!!

  • 2012-04-06T14:15:52

SOOOOO glad to hear this Linda, I hope the rest of your journey through life is FREE also. I think of you and Susie often. I hope there is a time in the future when we can get together and have a visit. Have a great Easter.

  • 2012-04-06T13:00:09

Heres mine....six years of trying to have kids...thought it was hopeless........Thanks be to god.....My daughter Faith turned 16 on March 31st and my son Daniel turned 14 on March 2nd and I am STILL incredibly grateful to god for both of them!

  • 2012-04-06T06:53:51


  • 2012-04-06T00:54:16

Sexually abused from the age of 2 to 17 every day of my childhood life. Free from Alcohol 12 years as of Sept. 2011. Free from depression and anti-depressants 11 years as of Apr 2012. Free from all caffeine products for 10 years as of July 2011. Free from ALL symptoms of abuse as of Feb 27th 2012. Five Glorious weeks of FREEDOM! At age of 58 it is never to late with Jesus!

  • 2012-04-06T00:24:17

HIS GRACE makes us sufficient for HIS use. Thank you God for protecting, guiding and loving us even when we don't see it actively how we think we should. YOU are THE awesome GOD. YOUR timing is perfect. :)

  • 2012-04-06T00:11:30

Amazing Grace:) That's how our God rolls:)..oh ya..THIS WORLD CAN BE AND IS OUR HOME! God's Love fills THIS WORLD! One day, people will wake up and realize we are here to stay and our breathe shall praise His Holly name! otherwise..why do yall pray for the good stuff, and not pray to die and go to heaven huh? Pray that the complete manifestation of Christ may be revealed in YOU:) Let the Word of God be a light to your path..continue reading BIBLE!

  • 2012-04-05T23:57:39

thanks every one for your encouraging words and thoughts...............God is Good All the Time.......

  • 2012-04-05T22:33:45

and they overcame by the word of their testimony...I love you

  • 2012-04-05T21:09:08

this is sooo precious! Thank you JESUS for delivering me from self- hatel, abandonment, rejection and the lies that no one really cares and my life does have meaning!

  • 2012-04-05T21:07:35

AMEN! AMEN Mark! I celebrate your VICTORY with you brother! Praise be to GOD

  • 2012-04-05T19:28:01

As I sat quietly this morning, watching, reading, and taking in all the card board signs. Then I thought, what happens to all the cardboard, is it recycled, thrown away and forgotten? God whispered in my ear, saying that He has kept every sign ever made. Not one is lost, not one is forgotten. These are more than just inspirational, more than just declarations, more than just cardboard! They are signs of love to Jesus Himself! Now understanding this, I started to cry, as I read each sign as it passed. Amen and Amen. Stan Komarniski www.iamneo.org

  • 2012-04-05T19:21:36

We're doing this in our Easter program on Sunday. I'm so excited!

  • 2012-04-05T19:18:23

My faith is not perfect, and my healing is not complete...but my blessings are many... The sincerity in the faces and hearts of those in this video gives me hope!

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