Have the miraculous gifts like tongues and prophecy ceased?-Mark Dever



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As an observation, Mr. Brady, people using the gifts under the direction of God are often brought into the spotlight, simply by virtue of the miraculous taking place. Only saying that people being thrust into the spotlight through their being used by God does not, necessarily, mean they are not in His will.

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At the risk of sounding wishy-washy, all miraculous Spiritual Gifts have not ceased. Jesus, when He ascended back to the Father, sent these Spiritual Gifts back to His people to build them up individually and as a body, as well as to testify to the unsaved about the Glory and Power of God. If anyone looks in the New Testament and can not find the actual phrase "Spiritual Gifts", that is not any reason for concern. Paul called them simply "Spirituals" in the original Greek, meaning abilities that are Spiritual, from the Holy Spirit Himself. In the same passages Paul wrote, he referred to them as Gifts from God, hence "Spiritual Gifts". But God did not send them to be used as status-symbols for church members then or today, as Paul had to remind the Corinthians, who were doing what some people do today still by bragging about their spiritual superiority because some of their members could speak spontaneously in other earthly languages as well as the "angel tongue" it is said God gave to the human race originally before splitting speech up into different languages at the Tower of Babel rebellion. True, authentic "spectacular" manifestation of some Gifts are rare, such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, and spontaneous healing ("spontaneous regeneration") but not the other less spectacular but equally important Spiritual Gifts, such as ministry/general service, pastoring, teaching, the Word of Knowlege---Spirit-led commentary on Scripture---the Word of Wiisdom---Spirit-led counselling--- and the rest that the Holy Spirit led Paul to list in three different passages. Note: Peter catagorized them as two large groups, without listing each ability: 1.Gifts of Speaking, 2.Gifts of Physical Service. None are more or less important than the rest. Paul noted, "(By these Gifts) the body is bound together properly and firmly". Again, "If the whole body were an eye, how could we speak?" We are given Spiritual Gifts/Tools to glorify God, grow individually, build each other up, and testify to the unsaved. We did not develope these abilities: God gave them to us, then and now. Even Jesus only performed miracles to certify His credentials as God The Son, come as the Messiah, as well as to help people when they could not help themselves. He refused to perform three miracles in the Judean wilderness when Satan urged Him to perform them for Self-serving purposes. He refused to perform miracles to satisfy hostile Pharisees who demanded them as proof of His God Hood. He refused to perform miracles capriciously when He was sent to Herod III by Pontious Pilate. Now as before, God will allow the use of Spiritual Gifts as they are needed. If they will testify, build up, and glorify, God will allow them; if they are used selfishly, used to draw attention to people, and used to glorify humans instead of God, God will not allow their use. Are all of the Spiritual Gifts still active? Yes, as they are needed and as God--not people--decides they should be used.

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