What is holiness?-Brian Hedges



  • 2012-08-19T06:40:42

Fiona Lee : We all are. I didn't notice a lot of things about myself until the godly Christians in the West taught me for the first time. Christian education is one of the best blessings one can have on earth.

  • 2012-08-15T18:45:41

Grace I did not understand this before, that I should dress I do. It's a "love" issue. if I love my brethren I would be careful not to make them stumble. it is be thinking all the time of other people..your neighbor, your brethren...because I am selfish. I am by nature selfish and I pray for help from God all the time.

  • 2012-08-15T13:07:29

Regarding the advertized movie, I have no idea what they did in the story, but Christian women should not dress up like the ladies appearing in "Sparkle" - too much skin showing which causes men to sin. Christian women should dress with modesty for all time for every occasion, covering their skin properly, and should not knowingly do anything to cause people to sin. Not a good ad for a video on holiness.

  • 2011-10-27T07:15:50

Gleaning on holiness factors (practical): Knowledge of God, fearing, seeking and loving God exclusively, complete identification with Christ, keeping in step with the Holy Spirit(obeying Him), worshiping God in spirit and in truth, fellowship with God in prayers, learning God's Word recognizing its authority fully, ABSTINENCE and SEPARATION from all forms of sin (example: Daniel ch. 1), List from Leviticus 19: imitating the holy God, respecting authority properly, resting on God's Day for His sake, no awe for anyone/anything other than God, exercising proper hygiene, worshiping God in His way, showing mercy to fellow humans and to the creation, being generous, no stealing or lying, being honest and truthful, no swearing, no bullying, being punctual in important things, carrying out justice, no favoritism, no gossiping, no hating of fellow humans or avenging but loving others, being proper and orderly and in accordance with God's design, sexual purity, taking responsibility, repentance if sin is committed, abstinence from filth, giving offerings to God, consuming no blood, no magic, no demonism and no paganism, no hurting one's own body, no tattooing, no immorality, no child abuse, respecting the occasions of worshiping God, no attempt to contact with the dead, respecting the elderly, loving everyone, being upright and authentic, and fearing God.

  • 2011-10-23T12:36:38

I write this for my fellow younger Christians who wonder about practicing holiness. Of course the quest for the practical holiness can never be complete in this world. More you seek holiness in your life, at times blacker despairs await. Spiritual disciplines such as prayers, reading the Word, fasting and reading the Christian classics must all help. In my personal case, reading the actual records of some historic Christian saints(both Catholic and Protestant) helped me greatly to see the capacity humans are able to love back Jesus. Especially by looking at the Cross and embracing grief fully with both arms widely stretched out. It's a grueling bitter crucifixion, but the active willingness to embrace the deepest grief(and this type of grief is not from incidents but a state) for the sake of the Cross, not just facing it or tolerating it, seems to have some correlation with practical holiness. Some grief literally strips us bare and leaves us hanging on to the suffering Jesus alone and it gives a different sight of the world. Just a thought.

  • 2011-10-23T11:52:04

Thank you for this topic. So it is both imputed holiness and practiced holiness. Those who trust in Jesus have the forever secure, positional holiness already provided perfectly by Jesus but at the same time it must be attempted and lived out in real life. Lately in this pleasure-supreme world, "holiness" sounds like a vocabulary from a different universe, yet it has been foremost God's will for His people. And if it is His will, it gets done. In the secret place of the Most High(Psalm 91), the practical sanctification is being carried out without the world knowing about it, and everything, whether holiness or corruption, gets exposed at the end. The Holy Spirit is mightier than any force in the world. We need to be reminded God's Word constantly and continuously and the practical holiness must be earnestly sought by us. Nastier the battles, purer the Light shines. God's people never give up or never forget God's will until the end of life.

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