INCREDIBLE performance of How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill



  • 2012-04-23T23:22:39

Amen....we need God's Holy fire to sweep across our nation,igniting the passion for our brothers and sisters everywhere from all walks of life......He is not a respector of persons

  • 2012-03-15T02:01:46

with tears falling down my cheeks i feel the Lord is with me as i listen to this beautiful song and artist. i am so glad that for once i voted for someone who had such a beautiful voice.

  • 2012-03-14T13:48:18


  • 2012-03-04T14:31:15

Love Vince gills voice, especially with this song

  • 2012-03-04T14:27:39

Some of my earliest memories is of my Moma singing this song in church, I have sung this one to my children, and now my grandchildren. More important I sing this one to God as does Carrie Underwood, that is what makes this such a great video. Vince Gill & Carrie Underwood start singing this to the audience but end up singing this one to God!

  • 2012-03-03T16:07:08

I love this song! how Great is our God!

  • 2012-03-01T15:08:19

Wow, this one made me cry. GOD IS GREAT!

  • 2012-02-12T08:33:28

I completely agree with you but God did not just create Americans he created every precious person on this planet

  • 2012-02-10T20:22:18


  • 2012-02-08T17:54:26

We are created to worship God!

  • 2012-01-20T18:18:41

OMG this made me cry, it's the most beautiful performance I have ever seen and felt

  • 2012-01-19T12:09:03

Simplesmente maravilhosa!!! não me canso de ouvir...,

  • 2012-01-19T03:55:57

It's an amazing, moving powerful version of Carrie Underwood.. Indeed, we have to share, pass it to the whole universe so that everyone should hear God through this song.. God bless everyone who listens with their heart..

  • 2012-01-17T22:14:30

That is an entire box of tissue in one sitting! Thank You God for the outpouring of Carries talents in that vocal performance:)

  • 2012-01-16T16:47:34


  • 2011-12-18T05:43:17

I almost never post, but I watched this live the night she performed it and I believe you should see it.. As good as K.D.Lang in the 2010 Olympics. You won't be disappointed. If you have a good sound system, it's better.

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