INCREDIBLE performance of How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill



  • 2011-06-03T05:44:56

Carrie, every time I hear you belt out that song I thnk you have a higher call than even you can imagine. And Johnny was really doing his thing as well. God bless you both!

  • 2011-06-03T04:29:36

WOW! Praise God! May the Lord be with you!

  • 2011-05-31T23:12:32

If you have an ipod touch go into itunes and search title then click on gospel favorites and it brings up carrie underwood

  • 2011-05-31T22:50:28

I looked on line @ the Itunes store and it isn't there. Not sure but you can almost bet they will have it for sale soon.

  • 2011-05-31T22:36:11

check walmart.com and amazon.com

  • 2011-05-31T22:34:09

where in this world can I pick up this song by Vance Gill & Carrie Undrerwood. If It hasn't been put on CD It should be.

  • 2011-05-30T15:36:34

Powerful..but your dress drifts the focus to the brothers.

  • 2011-05-30T02:31:31

My grandma used to sing this to me...after she passed I couldn't sing it or listen to it without crying. For some reason ever since Anna was born I've been able to sing it to her. One of my favorites! Carrie did an amazing job!

  • 2011-05-30T02:26:22

definitely one of my favorite Worship songs... Carrie ROCKS!

  • 2011-05-29T14:07:27

In these times of disaters and bad economy we should all be praising him and not cutting him down He will listen if you just ask him.

  • 2011-05-29T14:05:11

He sure is great! He has taken me through some of my darkest hours Thanks be to God.

  • 2011-05-28T15:43:01

Awsome is not a big enough word, to use here.

  • 2011-05-28T13:32:42

Leigh I saw that that night and I was almost sobbing by the time that they finished. Nothing and nobody else like it!!!!!!!! AWESOME. BTW how are you??Do you have the Brit accebt yet??? My daughter in law is from Hull England take care and thanks for shareing.

  • 2011-05-28T13:22:33

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • 2011-05-28T08:18:57

Tears in my eyes with this one! What voices these two are blessed with! And no one can play a guitar with more feeling than Vince!

  • 2011-05-25T15:50:00

ever time I watch the video, it brought tears to my eyes, god blessed carrie underwood incredible incredible voice.

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