Moving Performance of Testify To Love by 12 Year Old Singing Sensation



  • 2011-09-27T22:27:46

Also it will be the parents to blame NOT the little girl

  • 2011-09-27T22:27:25

Larry Greene She needs to honor God with her body too. Remember if she houses Christ in there then this is the temple of the most high God. We tend to forget who we really are serving sometimes.

  • 2011-09-27T22:22:34

Marcelo Naconeski Burkas do not make holiness. But covering oneself is biblical. God wants us to be modest and respect ourselves. The world does not know what holy is but the believers should right? Why is it that so called believers look no different that the world. And just cuz you sing a Christian song does not mean a person IS a follower of Jesus Christ. Would it hurt to wear a knew length skirt? Just by seeing evil does not make you evil. Passing blame on the onlooker does not excuse the one who sins.

  • 2011-09-27T22:18:34

Zara Rasmussen Everyone does notice the outward before you can see the inward. We cannot see the inward in just a song sung. Why is it that purity is so looked down on? Why is it said to be critical if someone states the obvious but no one wants to admit it? Does it honor God to just pretend it is ok? If she is allowed to dress this way as a child what will she think as a teen? People should be more concerned with what God wants. Does He want purity? Absolutely. Be ye holy as I am holy. (that does not mean just not wearing makeup and wearing long dresses with tennis shoes) We have allowed the world to influence the believers. We don't look any different than the world do we?

  • 2011-09-27T20:44:52

JOANNE IS RIGHT!!> Sounds like there is a stumbling block for you too Marlene. I saw a 12 yr. old girl honoring God with her voice.

  • 2011-09-27T20:37:42

Paula Brents Taylor AMEN Pauly. Hopefully the message will speak to their hearts.

  • 2011-09-27T20:35:40

Jairus--check your christianity. Quit looking where you should'nt. look with your heart not your mind.

  • 2011-09-27T20:31:09

JOSE" is that what you're looking at? SHAME ON YOU!!! I pray God will change your heart and you can see God's working and HIS glory in this blessed girl

  • 2011-09-27T20:27:28

AMEN PATTY!!!!!! WOW this girl has god's hand on her.

  • 2011-09-27T15:41:03

@Daniel Friend and all others attacking this little girl's dress. NO ONE is attacking modesty as you put it. I for one am DISAGREEING that this dress is immodest at all considering the fairly long length of it and the fact that she is only 12 yrs. old. WHAT PART OF BEING TWELVE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? I agree with others here that the IMPORTANT THING IS HER TESTIMONY not her clothing. Sheesh! You people (men) want all women in burkas. And THAT is disgusting.

  • 2011-09-27T12:20:53

She is trully amazing - BLESSING to all... oh and for those who took the time to look at her skirt - wow how low because her voice and message in the song should have kept you captivated - but then again small things amaze small minds... AWESOMELY AMAZING THIS YOUNG LADY IS SO GREAT.

  • 2011-09-27T06:28:36

Zara Rasmussen if God doesnt look on the outside then why did he clothe people who had none and encourage others to do the same. Remember the Demonieac who ran around the tombs naked Jesus set him free and the man was found clothed and in his right mind as a result. GLORY TO GOD FOR SETTING PEOPLE FREE FROM THEIR SINS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2011-09-27T06:20:50

Marina Salazar We came from different places and different cultures, thus we cannot judge others with our own culture...so wearing short skirt is i think not the issue instead how can we be inspired by this little lady with golden voice using for God's glory.

  • 2011-09-27T06:20:34

Nancy Rocha We came from different places and different cultures, thus we cannot judge others with our own culture...so wearing short skirt is i think not the issue instead how can we be inspired by this little lady with golden voice using for God's glory.

  • 2011-09-27T06:12:37

Well in case of doubts , yes , I´ve read a lot the bible. I am totally against death penalty. And recently in USA a person was murdered , even with doubts about his innocence . The man can not kill . Unfortunately i see many preachers favorable to death penalty , what is murdering. It doesn´t matter with which equipment, electric chair , lethal injection , whatever , it is sin. Also we need to understand that the new testament does not start in Jesus´s birth , but in Jesus Death , when He says "it is finished", and the veil of the temple is broken , symbolizing the end of the law. So, the death of the thief on the cross does not allow us to be favorable to death penalty. About clothes , each country has it´s costumes . In Meddle East and Israel men use long dresses , and to them it is a shame using tuxedo , and pants . Also, we see Jesus and the disciples fishing , and even a moment in John 21 , peter was nude , fishing. And he covered himself when saw Jesus. It means that the respect and the context was another. This Girl in the video was not improperly dressed at all. Legs and arms , whatever! Why a girl may show the arms and not the legs ? In Oriental cultures, showing the arms is sinful. But I guess we both are from different times and realities . But what intrigues me in USA puritanism is that it is just about clothes. But in States of puritans , most of the peoples are pro-war, pro-death penalties . And believe me , I was raised in a church that preached that watching TV was a sin. Now when the internet came, peoples they do not preach against internet, in my opinion worst than TV. I respect your opinion , and wish you be blessed . Nor Peter and Paul agreed completely .

  • 2011-09-27T05:21:54

Marcelo Naconeski May I share something with you, just so you know, I do preach against immodesty for both males and females, I came out of a sport (amateur and Professional) and dont attend any sporting events or have a favorite team, Kilts are wrong and immodest AND so are many "dresses and skirts" these days, I hate war and have had several family members killed and or maimed by it, I had family that were victims of Hitler's nazi's, I do avoid the beach completely in warm weather and even "mild temps" when nudity is the norm, and have had missionary friends go to Africa and preached the Salvation message of Christ and the women came back to the meetings from then on with their breasts covered (even when feeding)...they did not continue in sin. AND THE wages of sin is death Romans 6:23. Some crimes listed in the Holy Bible commanded the death penalty. I don't know of any law concerning "theft" in the USA that is punishable by the death penalty, however, there were two thieves put to death at the same time as Christ. One accepted Christ and asked for forgiveness and the other rejected the Christ. I also agree with you those "curve" showing clothes on anybody is NOT modest either. Also, we need more preachers like John the baptist who told folks to REPENT of their sins. Did you know he was murdered because he preached against Adultery? Just wanted you to know. I search my heart and the Holy Bible regularly to make sure I am doing right. I think we all should and even change when it's needed. Thank you for your time!

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