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Also the Word tells us in Psalms that Godliness exalts(lifts up) any nation, but sin is a reproach(shame and disgrace, to look down upon) to it's people. As the USA leaders have moved from Christianity to human secularism the other nations have begun hating us! That's why we where bombed. They hate Christ but they hate the Godless America even more! We must stand for righteousness(what God calls right)!

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While I agree that we see through a tinted distorted lens. The new testament also says we can know all things that pertain to life...... and Godliness. We just have to seek Him.

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Hello, I glad you peace yes right I agree with you believe to remember from happen sad, keep pray to GOD lord take care to all children GOD,S CHILDERN A BLESS U.S.A THANK SHARE FRIEND HARD HEARING DEAF ROBIN TILLEY ILY REMEMBER FLAGS .

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On that day, I cried for Manhattan, a place I have never known For the people, for the destruction, and for the heroes they took away Today I am crying for a different place, for a world torn apart by war Do we stand and watch, only images to our eyes, or do we stand together, Like the men and women who walked, arm and arm, straight into The burning hell Twelve years ago I cried for Manhattan My heart is crying still ~des13~

  • 2013-09-14T05:02:13

I remember that I was at school in PS 153 - Helen Keller School, in third grade. I found out from Lucille Bruno and Margaret Matonti (my two teachers) that we would have to leave early. It made me wonder "What on earth is going on?" As it turns out, Kevin Cabe (one of my classmates at that time) only left early, leaving me with another question: "What happened to his parents?" Thank goodness my school bus was able to come quite early, and whisked me home after making some stops. When I did not see the rest of my friends which I would normally see, I did not know what to expect. When I saw my father waiting for me in front of our apartment building that we have lived in (since 94), it made me relieved my father was not working very close to the Towers. I could not go to school the next day, and I came late to school the day after that. He took me inside, pressed the elevator button, pressed the floor that we were going to, and opened the door to our apartment which we also lived in since 94. I did not look outside from my kitchen window to see what on earth was happening south of the Empire State Building. Shows like Talk Back Live (that was one show my mother used to tune in to at that time) did not air at all, while News 12 The Bronx only talked about the horrors of the World Trade Center, rather than the issues facing the Bronx. There were some other channels (like News 12 Traffic and Weather, originally on channel 15) that talked the same story. It made me realize what they were talking about on the news channels: the World Trade Center was literally gone, and I had longed to see how awesome Lower Manhattan was prior to that. I could not really grasp what the impact was from the incident until I first got on the 1 train in Utica Avenue (rather than the 3), passed by the Cortlandt Street stop on the 1 train only about a decade after it happened, saw the American flag later pasted on every train and bus, and saw the area south of Borough of Manhattan Community College (where I attend college). I later saw a plaque hooked up close to the main entrance the first day I entered (and it was on a Sunday, when I went to take an assessment test). It had slowly started to change me, and I am glad that after all the bickering over what to do about the site, they are moving forward to finish rebuilding. I recently got off the 1 train at 231st Street earlier yesterday, and I saw that the conductor of that train put her bag on the hook, covering the last area (and it was a small area) where we could see how many miles her partner is driving the train. This went to tell me that it is possible that even after what happened to the 1 train twelve years back, she is still concerned about her safety. I am also glad that I still have my family here. As Lovato says from her song: "Just go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper". However, I feel for the victims of the horrible tragedy that shook not only our greatest city on earth, but the world also. I hope that we may be able to love all people, in spite of what they did.

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Bonnie Clark, I do not really know what to say. I hope that you may find some piece. This could be the first comment I came across that actually mentioned one of the scores of people that lost their lives that day. I hope that you will find some comfort.

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Not too difficult to see why 9-11 happened. Satan worked his Evil through a Fake 'religion' that preaches Death to all non-muslums. And Stealth Jihad continues to work its Evil from muslums in the White House and throughout the USA! =(

  • 2013-09-12T12:44:44

Beautifully done..Very moving..Thank you. We must never forget...We must never stop praying for a revival for our homeland...God BLESS the USA and YOU.

  • 2013-09-12T03:13:18

Kimberley Wamsley Ridgeway, Your analysis is correct. And I agree with you. I hope though, that the events of 9/11 will always remind us the truth of Psalm 127:1 " Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."

  • 2013-09-11T15:40:26

Islam *is* evil. Anything, everything, and anyone who promotes that which is contrary to whom and what the God of the Bible is, is evil. Islam worships a god named Allah. Allah is *not* the true God of the Bible, and this false god and false religion is a lie straight out of Hell. Therefore, it is, by definition, evil. Thus, those who worship false gods are doing evil in the sight of God (which is mentioned over and over and over and over again in the Bible), and doing evil equates to being evil.

  • 2013-05-14T09:10:17

Thank you for sharing your experience. For all of us whom lost someone, our lives are forever changed. No amount of time can erase our loss. I also recognize that we ALL lost "something." For myself and my family, it was my Jonathan. It was also a lost of tolerance of those who lightly use Christian cliches to ease their own discomfort in the face of an unknowable reason of "why." It was also a sense of sadness for all the times I heard of know of times when folks refer to 9/11 as a "wake up call." Other countries face this and NUMEROUS other losses regularly, and we have had a false sense of "righteousness," believing it was horrible that war came HERE. Of course, it IS. But, it is horrible for ALL countries. God HAS blessed us, but, we have treated that blessing lightly, and taken it for granted, and become a complaining country...no different than when God's people were escaping from Egypt. It seems we only REALLY see His blessing, when we feel we have lost something. THAT is the tragedy...that God must allow sin, in order for us to perceive our need for Him. We would not marry a spouse who brought us pain, in order to accept their love. Why do we do that with God? My prayer is that in ALL our losses, that we see the greatness of God, even as we struggle. (I struggle greatly to see God's love for me right now, but, I HOPE He is still holding me, even when I don't feel it).

  • 2013-05-14T09:01:04

Thank you for this simple, yet, touching video. Thank you for not forgetting those of us who live that loss every day. My daughter was not yet born, and my son was 3, when my Jonathan died. Here is a video I compiled to share with a few friends to remember that day, and to acknowledge that, even in the pain, our lives DO go on. http://youtu.be/pX8Pe7GLmhg

  • 2012-09-12T02:04:58

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  • 2012-02-10T07:03:19

How does this comment have four likes? Islam itself isn't evil; jihadists are a vast minority of Muslims. Besides, we are called to love our enemies, and while I'm not saying that Muslims are our enemies, you certainly seem to be saying so. And as such, we should love them all the more.

  • 2011-10-04T12:48:27

So many died because of a inhumane greed of money and power by a bunch of richiest american folks. They dont give a shit if anybody dies- its only the profit they care of. Djihad is their's idea and invention, a fake boogie-man made up to influence and terrorize the masses, so they can grab everything even more tight. They are true terrorists of this disaster, and this video rightfully says that many are still angry, so I hope that one day american people will stop being a dumb, deceiveable sheep(no offence, many european nations are made likewise now) and will pay back those monsters what they deserve. I know that revenge is in the hands of Christ, but somethings gonna happen anyway.

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