• 2011-12-02T14:30:50

We are all on a collision course with the Creator of the universe and when that day comes upon us we will be judged. The flesh (our human side) hates that. The flesh would say something like “How dare you judge me, who give you the right to judge me”. Be very careful not to follow the ways of the world. The world has rejected correction and judgment, but in the end, those that follow the ways of the world will receive the punishment for their rejection. People come up with all kinds of reasons not to be a part of the body of Christ (the Church). The Church is a body of true believers that join together to accomplish Gods will here on earth. If you are a true follower of Jesus you will find your place in the body, and that means you are to do your part. Remember there is an evil one that wants to kill, steal, and destroy. And that means he not only wants to destroy you but the works that God had planned for you to do in and through His church. Satan has put an obstacle between you and your true treasure (Jesus Christ). And you can’t see around it, you have believed the lie of Satan. The closer you get to Gods will for your life the more Satan will attack you, to discourage you, and to turn you away from your God given purpose and design for your life. Judge me all you want, tell me about it, maybe you see an evil way in me that I don’t see, that will disqualify me from His good work. It’s not about me, I’m not the center of the universe, God is and don’t take your eyes off Him. Run the race and run it well, don’t get caught up in the things of this world. No more excuses of why you don’t get involved with the body of Christ. Find a good Church that encourages you, directs you and corrects you as that is love. Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more.

  • 2011-12-02T13:53:40

it is better not to judge others because we know that we will be judged the same way.It is difficult to be Christlike but we must try till we are perfect.

  • 2011-12-02T13:17:44

LEGALISM within churches is alive and well in American churches. This video shows just how damaging, and evil sins of the tongue can be! I was especially moved by the man who said he was told by his pastor, that because of his single decision to take a statue, even though the mans' motive in doing so was pure, that hell was his Eternal destination. God has made the way to Heaven simple, Jesus Christ paid our sin debt, and sin is no longer the issue. There will be people in Hell, but the only reason they will be there, is because of UNBELIEF! I do not care if they stole 10,000 statues, and their motivation was greed! If they say 'Remember Me', just like the thief who was justly being crucified next to Christ, his/her name will be written in the Lambs' Book of Life, never to be blotted out. God gives us our Salvation, it is a gift(Eph. 2:8,9), and it is an Eternal Gift! Grace is not a "DO WHAT YOU WANT CARD", and alot of people have problems with folks who believe 'once saved always saved'? The law is a schoolmaster, given to show us that none could keep it! Jesus took it a step further , saying if you so much as 'look' upon a woman with lust in your' heart(mind), you have already committed adultery. He likened a dispute with a brother , to MURDER! Praise God for HIS Amazing Grace, His Person of Grace (Jesus Christ), and the greatest Victory cry ever uttered! Tetelestai!- IT IS FINISHED! Accept Him today, and your' Eternal Destiny is Heaven, never ever to be 'taken from you'! JESUS will NEVER EVER, leave or forsake you, even when we walk away from HIM!

  • 2011-12-02T13:09:02

You just click on replay video! Hope this helps! Have a Blessed day!

  • 2011-12-02T12:59:24

God forgives us! We need to forgive others!

  • 2011-12-02T12:51:50

Our Pastor is a really good pastor and teaches we need to be Christ like any of these people would have been helped and welcomed in we have members that were drug users, prostitute, adulterous, thieves, you name it and we all came to know Christ we have to be like Jesus. He forgives we need to forgive like Jesus.

  • 2011-12-02T12:30:50

We are sinners redeemed and BEING PERFECTED IN CHRIST JESUS. None of us have arrived yet. So, its best to head the Word of God and not judge for with the same judgement we will be judged. It is so sad that these people had to go through all this. Yet, love covers a multitute of sins and FORGIVENESS IS THE GREATEST GIFT we have ever received. It is very hard especially if you are still a baby Christian, but if we follow Jesus as our Sheperd he will guide us and help us to overcome, BECAUSE HE HAS ALREADY OVERCOME whatever we may face in this world. As Christian that has walked the way for almost 44 years I know what it is to be rejected, to be hurt and have experienced most such issues. Yet, one thing that had kept me firm on the way and that strengthened my believe is that Jesus will never reject me; He is all I need and in Him I live and move and have my being and in Him I stand complete. He promised never to leave me, nor forsake me but to be with me always! So, Forgive these people and return to the Master that loves you and has been waiting for you to return. He has a place for you no matter what your problem may be!

  • 2011-12-02T12:14:36

why can't I click on the arrow to play the video anymore.Help please.

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