Christianity.com: Why should I join a church?-Trevin Wax



  • 2012-08-16T03:13:54

The Major problem with Church life is that the relationships are all supericifial with no personal accountability to the elders as to needs, trials its triumphs, & callings of their individual charges, If any.. The Preacher should not be the only one to voice praise and sharing. The Many "One Anothers" have no environmnets to be practiced in. There are some woes in the Bible that pertain to the Hirelings. Remember Jesus is the Chief Pastor.

  • 2012-06-29T05:53:34

Amen! Of course Christians need Church more than children need families or soldiers need to be in ranks. Those who reject to be a part of local churches are actually rejecting to be connected to Jesus Himself. A lone branch withers away. (John chapter 15) He who loves the Lord Jesus loves Church and stays within her till the end. I think this trend of un-churching has become rampant not only from personal laziness and selfishness and the liberal brainwashing going around out there, but also from the lack of sound doctrinal education in local churches. Each Christian needs to pray and read the Holy Bible regularly, and the churches must educate everyone with the sound Biblical doctrines.

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