Unbelievable Story - Woman Attempts Suicide Went to Hell, Then To Heaven and Survived



  • 2012-01-01T11:59:54

This woman never grew up in church, she didn't know Jesus at all. Everyone that doesn't go to church uses "God", not Jesus, they don't know any better, they are not taught. She had a desire & called on what she knew & that was God. He gives us all the choice to know Him before we die, she didn't KNOW Him, she knew very little ABOUT Him. That's why I beleive He resuced her; Jesus pulled her out of the pit!! He gave her a second chance to KNOW Him as Christ her saviour & as Jesus the name above all names!

  • 2011-12-29T05:43:08

I feel her words are those of someone who has had a spiritual revalation - "I am as to foolishness to men" I felt she spoke with her heart. You could see her Faith as she spoke. What a joy she must be to God to share her story of Hope and Eternity and to encourage us to live by the 10 commandments of God. ixoye

  • 2011-12-26T04:50:32

Mary Klosner DiMassi What???

  • 2011-12-25T23:30:05

Chris, I am not certain that you are truly a pastor, or simply posing as one to lend credibility to your postings. But one thing I AM certain of is that I do not discern that your intention here is to draw deeper into the heart of God and know Him intimately, but are speaking as though a wolf in sheep's clothing in that you ask different ones all kinds of foolish & divisive things that tend to create tension, digging at people, and creating conversations to stir up doubt & a sense of "Did God really say??" I have heard that somewhere else in the Scriptures.... Do not misunderstand, I am not for 'emergent', 'new-age', 'eastern religion philosophies' nor anything that would distract from God's Word and say that what God says in His Word is not true. In fact, every jot & tittle was important in the original manuscripts and important to Jesus, the Messiah. But remember, you & I don't know everything God has ever done or performed, nor what He has planned to perform...nor it's depth. We cannot understand nor grasp the depth, nor height, nor width of His knowledge, His love, His mercy, and His judgments. I encourage you to go deeper with God, thirst after Him like a deer pants after water. Let His Spirit teach you and let His glory rain over you like a cool rain on a sweltering, hot day which will refresh your spirit and living waters will flow out of you. When those days of refreshing come you will begin to glorify God in a new way in & through every moment of your days, you will be like the trees 'clapping their hands' when the wind rushes through them! You will be like the brook's cold water tumbling over the rocks with exuberance! You will teach those around you to walk with the One True God when they begin to see you crying out His glory from the hilltops (so the rocks don't have to!). :)

  • 2011-12-25T22:47:25

Why God does the things He does is not for us to question, as seen when He asked Job many questions..."Where were you when I...." Job knew Him as 'I AM' and refused to turn away from Him when He allowed Satan to rip away his life. Satan wanted to humiliate God and show Him how His 'puny man creation' would turn his face away from Him when he could not understand what was happening to him. Why does He choose certain people(s) for certain things in the Scriptures? Not because of anything we are or have done...but because it is His choice. He will do what He will. He is that mysterious. That is not an acceptable reason for some...they will only accept Him if they can understand Him....But if we stop making God like us....imagining that He thinks & acts like us... we are free to glorify Him as existing forever in eternity past & eternity future (from man's finite time-frame thought ability). Yet, He wants us to 'know' Him in intimate fellowship. This word 'know' can be compared in the Scriptures to the sacred & very intimate sexual relationship between a husband & wife. And our Great God has planned a place for us in eternity future to live together!

  • 2011-12-25T22:16:02

I am encouraged by how deep & thoughtful & scripturally solid so many of you here are without exhibiting the new agey, eastern religions philosophies. And how you understand the God In A Box danger while giving Him due reverence, glory, and honor as the Eternal God, existing FOREVER! He loves people..He created us in His image! He prepared our redemption from our transgressions before He even made us or a place for us to exist! He desires for ALL mankind to become so close to Him in relationship that we would be 'married' to Him! Another deep contemplation.... He is NOT who & what many nominal 'Christians' THINK He is. He is infinitely MORE of everything that is good. He IS love. He IS life. He IS. Rejecting HIM is rejecting what He offers to us. We are ultimately left with NOTHING but sin..... suffering thoroughly in it's grip in darkness & ultimate shame away from His Presence.

  • 2011-12-25T21:54:17

I believe you speak correctly, Mark. This God we serve and this faith we have in Him is deeper than most choose to contemplate. He is outside of our 'bubble' of creation, time, space. "Eye has not seen...ear has not heard..."

  • 2011-12-25T21:50:12

I think we have to see through this that this was not her final moment...she wanted it to be so by killing herself. God stepped in and interceded by His Son Jesus Christ to give her the vision of Life & Death. He brought her back to her physical body to remain on this earth for her numbered days to be fulfilled....but with a powerful message!! HalleluJAH!

  • 2011-12-22T20:45:55

To Albert, you are absolutely right, but what I get out of testimonies like this, is the fact that heaven and hell are REAL. I read my bible every day and the bible teaches that hell is real. So if watching this testimony makes you love Jesus and want to get closer to Him , then so be it right? Satan tries to fill our minds with doubt.

  • 2011-12-22T01:32:48

I experienced something similar with my family 3 years ago. They could be in a fatal car accident, but God moved me to pray. Also my sister was touched to pray in the same time. She was in the car with our parents, and I was miles away waiting their arrive.

  • 2011-12-22T01:27:03

Powerful story! However I can't use it with unbelievers (they just don't believe it), but it touched me to spread the gospel with others, because today is a day of salvation in Jesus name!

  • 2011-12-19T03:55:30

Milton Franklin - Amen Sir! I know an Evangelist, he murdered several people(In the late 70's), and b4 his sentencing, but after his conviction, he went to a study in the prison. He 'says', I knew I was where God wanted me, and that somehow, I would speak in front of a large number of people, telling them of Gods' plan of Salvation through grace by faith. He only believed in himself b4 this, and at his 'sentencing' hearing, or 'proceedings', his attorney, demanded that they finger-print his client again! He had no idea 'why', he had been prepared to tell the families of the victims, and all present what he had done, and why. At the time, I suppose you can call it a 'loop-hole', or a statute that this particular State had in its' legal system, but after some very emotional debate, and his lawyer knowing his right to be finger printed again, it was allowed. His finger prints, were all over the place, he was guilty, on the murder weapon, on the steering wheel of one of the victims' automobiles........ so he was taken to an adjoining chamber, and finger-printed again. His prints were completely different than the ones he left at the murder scene! Long story short, he preached at the church I attended back then, and though I was VERY SKEPTICAL, a friend, a very hard-core, (later we were told my friend had been being abused since he was very small), very hard hearted kid, chose Christ after the man preached! Gods' Grace cannot be fully understood by us with finite minds! I would agree with alot of peoples' posts, but they are forgetting, these people did not DIE! They live, and are here to tell of what happened to them. I too, have no clue, exactly 'what' this phenomenon 'is', why God chooses whom HE does for HIS purposes, but obviously, these folks had SOMETHING happen! I could get out my books, tell you the greek meaning for 'Greater Grace', when 'Paul' was buffeted by a messenger of satan (whom GOD sent), b4 he was taken, or 'shown' a glimpse of HEAVEN, but I could also use the Bible to make this woman look like a complete liar? I am with you, God is not 'Omnipotent' only until a lady says HE reached down and pulled her from flames? HE IS OMNIPOTENT, period. Who am I to tell millions of people, she is a liar? My personal belief does not matter, what matters is that every person who goes through these "flat line experiences", (at least every one I have ever heard), are VERY humbled by them, and when the medical records show that the person was pronounced 'DEAD' at such & such a time, SOMETHING indeed happened to them! Perhaps 300 years from now, I may know what happened to these folks? Maybe no? The treasures of Heaven will be so over-whelming, I hardly think I'll care if those who refute everything they do not understand, or can't fit it into the box they have put GOD in, were right or wrong! Praise God For His amazing Grace, and that with HIM ......ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! (By the way, I was so skeptical about the evangelists claims, I went and researched it, at my dads' prodding) Brian Rudd was his name. I do not know if that is how it was spelled, or if he is still alive today, or if he even remained an evangelist? I do know, everything he claimed, while he was here in Pittsburgh in the late 70's, was indeed as he said it was. He was released, though the judge in the case said it was a sad day in his life, and how horribly saddened he was for the families of the slain! IDK why I felt I should tell this, just wanted to show that not all things are so cut and dry that this lady is a farce? I am just a servant, equally wretched as every other man who has been given a pardon undeserved! I think we can all agree on that!

  • 2011-12-16T20:29:03

This is partly true, Jesus must judge her first then send her to hell or heaven.not go directly to her destiny.

  • 2011-12-13T16:50:30

The whole debating details of her testimony thing is all irrelevant. Whether it was a literal happening or a visual revealing of Himself, God obviously got through to her which was His original plan. It is simply impossible for her or anyone to say the specific type of revelation she had with God- literal or through a visualization that was revealed to her in her comatose. Basically, everyone needs to chill out and be thankful that God wants you so badly. It doesn't matter if she was literally sent to heaven and hell or not, God revealed Himself to her the way He needed to in order to save His daughter. Get over it.

  • 2011-12-13T01:33:21

Christians who get too in to law and theology are just going to turn non-believers away. Stop trying to prove people wrong. Last I read, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Why are you bickering about such foolish things? Our goal is to build our relationship with Christ and encourage others to do the same. You all are just asking too many questions. Who placed you as God?? Let the Holy Spirit settle your heart with peace on if it is right or wrong. Love is our only commandment. Maybe we should focus on that.

  • 2011-12-12T20:27:24

jESUS LOVES U www.sharetruth.tv.

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