Unbelievable Story - Woman Attempts Suicide Went to Hell, Then To Heaven and Survived



  • 2012-01-15T15:58:43

U didn' understand what she meant. Read the bible carefully. It will answer ur questions

  • 2012-01-15T01:02:35

Charles Murphree Jr first of all Godbless we can go back & forth with the story of this woman if it's true or not.well i think that it's up 2 u 2 belive or not 2 belive only God & herself knows if it's real or not but the story she has brought up isn't about denying God it's more of a wake up call i took my part. i don't judge her nore anyone who say's that they passed a similar experience...she's not telling anyone that God's not real but more 2 repent cause there is a hell & there is a heaven.that's my personal opinion we need 2 stop looking for the five feets 2 a cat & just take what u belive & leave what u don't ...many ppl belive in God some don't belive some belive nore in God nore in satan & we can't change no ones way of thinking. God bless :0)

  • 2012-01-14T03:39:36

i wouldn't count on it. Better do it the official way and get saved.

  • 2012-01-14T03:35:03

I can't believe all these critical voices. This is a powerful testamony. God is God, He works in misterious ways. Who are we to try to figure out every detail. He will do what He will do. Without our permission.

  • 2012-01-14T01:50:52

yes Janie,that`s what I beleive,the people that expierence these things are being prayed for by someone!

  • 2012-01-13T19:56:06

Ah , But with God, anything is possible. Read about "Fatima" or watch the DVD story of Fatima " The 13th Day". The children were shown Hell!

  • 2012-01-12T00:51:49

Too bad this is clearly an actress reciting memorized lines.

  • 2012-01-11T01:18:19

What really stood out to me is she said, the way you live determines where you go.....isnt accepting Christ as your personal savior determine it, believe the life, death and resurection that he did for our sins the main focus of how we live and where we go, not what we do and how we live our life but basically living for Christ, we are all sinners and will mess up, we cant help it. The bridge between earth/ mankind and Heaven/ God is broken because we are sinners but Jesus Christ and the cross created that bridge. I am only 18 but I understand its not works that allows us in heaven b ut follower Jesus Christ and him being our example.

  • 2012-01-10T19:35:49

I admire her for sharing her testimony knowing that there would be scoffers. The reason she didnot see God is He hid Himself from her. She was already frightened enough as it was. God saved her, I have no doubt, just as He saved me from the Hell that I was headed toward. I was lost and gripped by sin, but He heard my cries and reached down and lifted me from the miry clay and set my feet on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus. She saw Him as He was leaving, just as Moses was allowed to see God hinder parts as he was hid in the cleft of the mountain. As Moses rejoined the Israelites they saw that his face shone with the shikina glory. this lady's face shown too, as she gave her testimony. I've no reason to doubt her word.

  • 2012-01-10T19:24:41

Charles Page "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". Of course it is a "fear story", because Hell is a fearful place. I saw a man on TV say that he went to Hell after being shot in a "drive by", and he said pretty much the same story that God reached down and drew him out of that terrible place, due to his wife's prayers. He was given a second chance as well.

  • 2012-01-10T02:54:11

and will do...

  • 2012-01-10T02:53:32

God has a plan for all of us and reaches us in His own way. Oh Praise be to God for all he has done!:D

  • 2012-01-08T21:10:44

If this message wasn't intended to be a message from God, her testimony would be a negative one not a positive one telling you of Gods mercy IMO -- sure, I wonder myself what justified one person having this opportunity and not another - yet if we look into scripture, many people have seen Jesus in the flesh, performing miracles before their very eyes and they chose not to believe -- even his believers lack enough faith (if we had a small bit of faith like a mustard seed we could move mountains) -- So God knows each and every one of us - he knows what dwells deep in our souls and perhaps he saw that ounce of faith she hadn't even known herself and was given another chance because God knew she WOULD see and believe - others might see and still choose NOT to believe... just a thought.

  • 2012-01-05T14:55:43

Jesus said that there is two place that you go when you died HEAVEN OR HELL. If you go to HELL thats where you will stay...God will NOT take you out from what you have choosen. Read Luke 16:19-32 The devil imitate what God does... Personally I dont believe about those experiences that people have about going to heaven and back...if you want to go to heaven Read Revelation 3:20 John 3:16 May the Lord give us wisdom to understand...

  • 2012-01-05T11:32:45

In Hebrews, it states that it is for a man to die once and then there is judgement. I don't discount near death experiences, but there has never been a Biblical backing that I am aware of that shows Yahweh taking someone out of the pit of hell and bringing them to heaven.

  • 2012-01-03T15:02:21

God has His ways of showing us that He is real, and what an amazing testimony ~ a choice we all have, to receive Life or not. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

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