How do we know that the Old Testament is really all about Jesus?-Joel Bradberry



  • 2012-07-19T04:55:22

The Old Testament Bible tells us of the almighty yet suffering God. And He kept telling us in His Word He was going to send Someone since the very beginning - so special many times He is identified with YHWH Himself but also a different Person. With the written messages of God to Israel and the identity and scope of Jesus of Nazareth, anyone who seriously and genuinely studied the whole text of the Holy Bible and human history and current planetary conditions come to the logical conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth is the Promised Divine Messiah from YHWH. Not reaching this conclusion is either personal arrogance or forgery. The Jews reject this idea and say we Christisns or the overall Gentiles gave them hard time. Partially true. But they should remember what an absurd hard time their forefathers gave their God by various treasons so bad that Jesus of Nazareth had to be adhered and trusted mostly by the Gentiles. True Christians educated the world regarding the one true God, the God of Israel, since the ancient Israel failed as His light, and Christians alone would give up the life to protect the Jews just like the Lord Jesus did. The Jews were protected and flourished the best where the Bible-literate Christians reigned. The Jews should honestly look into Jesus of Nazareth - His words and the way He changed the whole world upside down for the better and gave meanings to the universe.

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Real Christian did not need to question what the Old Testament said, they studied it. The only people who question Jesus are Pharisees...and being a Christian means living by faith! What the Apostles told the Jews that were scattered about was who Jesus was and that the prophets told of his coming. What one are you? Christian or Pharisee? This would be the better Question.

  • 2012-07-17T15:30:53

I would love to have eavesdropped that conversation...What a pity its teaching content has not been directly recorded. it would have saved a whole load of erroneous teaching! and yet...the cannon of scripture is complete and ablle to teach us all things. as timothy teaches.

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