Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Official Music Video)



  • 2012-06-04T04:28:16

He sure has been good to me every day of my life! :-D I know He is alive and He loves me! ~ and YOU! :-)

  • 2012-06-01T23:07:38

I can hear him roar can you?

  • 2012-06-01T18:53:18

The Newsboys are better than ever!

  • 2012-05-31T14:18:23

great song

  • 2012-05-31T04:51:18

like this page give them support TheGospelExperience.

  • 2012-05-26T05:33:53

Love it

  • 2012-05-26T02:52:37

1Cr 2:7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, [even] the hidden [wisdom], which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

  • 2012-05-25T04:40:13

thanks for saying this . is an encouragement

  • 2012-05-25T03:30:07

God is not dead - nor will He ever be...

  • 2012-05-25T03:01:41

He walks with me all day! Sometimes carrying me.

  • 2012-05-23T18:52:25

I almost can't tell it's the "New Newsboys". It sounds so retro and Fuller. LOVE IT!

  • 2012-05-22T01:45:48

Amen! GOD is not dead! HE IS INDEED DOING GREAT!

  • 2012-05-20T08:25:54

yes I speak to him everyday are you doing a world tour I am in Accrington Town England you got to come.

  • 2012-05-19T01:30:38

LOL this is so stupid. Man I love how ridiculous christians can be sometimes. lol man... this world is going downhill... thanks guys

  • 2012-05-16T12:32:25

If God is dead you need to look at yourself; HE isn't dead and HE should be roa. ring like a lion on your inside.

  • 2012-05-16T07:21:33

You are so right, sister. Thank you.

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