• 2011-07-17T06:49:05

i know that I don't know you but I would like to encourage you to give another church a try. Maybe try a smaller church. they sometimes come with a family like atmosphere. There should be nothing scary about church except for the unsaved getting their toes stepped on. God is always here for you no matter what churches you have left. He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. Please don't let clicks or mean people at other churches keep you from an eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. If there is one in your area, you may find a church home at a Church of the Nazarene, but if not, please find one somewhere.

  • 2011-07-12T14:43:44

Preach it plain and from the Bible without watering it down or it is worse than useless. It is our duty to correct falsehoods even in the church, to question what seems out of order. The gravest mistake I see however, is when this is done out of the scope of the biblical ways to do it. If you are going to proclaim something is out of line, align yourself correctly to do so. Everything decently and in order. And don't forget to do all with and in love.

  • 2011-06-29T22:34:34

I can't tell you the number of churches I have been thrown out lately because, I challanged the leadership by saying, its not in the Bible. Or by asking, where in the Bible is this? When I was young and did this, the pastor took his time to correct me, or thank me for correcting him. Now I find Church so scarey. If you don't get into one of their clicks, you don't belong. Then they ignore you until you leave, or mostly they tell you to leave and that you are not welcome there. My whole life I have attended Church, that was until 2 years ago.. When one Church took it a step further and betrayed me and my family. When I was young, I loved Church and going to it. Now its a scarey place....

  • 2011-06-20T01:31:50

I liked your video as non- church people have a wrong perspective of church and Jesus. The church needs to reach the community with the right perspective. Lets learn to be fishers of men not live in a church bubble -

  • 2011-06-17T01:23:06

Camp Ohio - Vespers Hill

  • 2011-06-17T00:32:46

Once many people are in church they want to keep the doors closed to keep the sinners out. I was told one day by a pastor that I was not attending Church if I was not where he was. But his Church had been taken away and we were meeting in an old military bar. I used to climb a hill in Ohio where the only thing at the top (besides the awesome views) was an old wooden cross with stones stacked up at its base. That felt like Church to me where the bar did not. But Jesus would have held Church anywhere and most of the time it was not in a building "classified" as a Church because he did not need to save the believers.

  • 2011-06-15T21:03:10

there are those that have doubts and stop going to church based on past experiences.this video is saying noone is perfect you can be someone who is judgemental and your still welcomed because God will still help you.The bible say's to watch 4 sheep in wolf clothing yes some are bad churches corrupted I been there but God reopened my Heart to try church again I need the extra help.the video wasn't claiming all are hypocrits it's saying no matter what walk of life you are your still welcome no matter what you done.

  • 2011-06-14T04:29:26

I will not attend church on the first day of the week..Sundays are for the worship of the sun God. When I find a Christian church that worships on the Sabbath (Saturday) Then I will attend again...God bless.

  • 2011-06-11T16:04:40

You may find this a curious comment, since it is from an atheist. Anyway, though I'm no believer and never was one, and though *some* churches are really interested in your money more than anything else (humans are fallible...), and *some* churches are intolerant (which, incidentally, should *never* happen), ans *some* churches teach wildly erroneous things, nonetheless I remember one time when I was, along with my family, a guest in a small neighborhood church somewhere in the US. It was really about relationship, and, I should say, about human relationship perhaps as much as about relationship with God. It was a very sweet assembly of gentle, nice people caring about each others. This was humanity at its best.

  • 2011-06-11T12:31:30

Absolutely. If you have an encounter with God and repent and trust in Jesus then my friend you are NOT the same and never will be. Scripture says so. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (New Creation)

  • 2011-06-11T08:29:09

@ Micheal Ferguson, Amazing how he sites it is all about Christ but his entire argument is based on his own experience. The church is still the tool in the hand of Jesus to set people free, to love and accept people.To restore their relationship to God. So some churches gets it horribly wrong, but not lets shoot the church down, it is already difficult as it is without your smug remarks. Pray for the church. Maybe you make more negative comments on such platforms than praying for the church that is why the church is in the condition that it is huh?

  • 2011-06-11T04:01:49

AMEN MICHAEL! Word for word what you just said was perfect. I for one am NO hypocrite. Hypocrites will not inherit the kingdom of God. Strive to be Holy and strive for a relationship with Jesus! Amen brother

  • 2011-06-11T01:41:49

Come as you are! And be changed in the blood of the Lamb! Yes, there are a lot of hypercrits in church, but is that why you go? I go for my relationship with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. While I'm there and when I'm not there, I pray that God might open the eyes of all, including those that are blind to their own faults. (That includes me at times) While reading the Gosples of Christ, look around at His followers and how lost and hypercritical they were, and yet they gave their lives for the church and they all were forgiven. I like to look at Peter and all his faults, and at his forgiveness from the risin Christ. If you are not going to a good and Godly, bible beliving church thin I might suggest that you search until you find one so that you may find true forgiveness. May God richly bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. Jesus saves!

  • 2011-06-10T16:26:23

Beautiful Video

  • 2011-06-09T17:50:03

I have to agree with you on several levels...I LOVE the Lord but its hard for me to find a church thats I feel good and can receive the message in every service....the politics in church can be overwhelming so I dont join anymore then one ministry at a time.

  • 2011-06-09T14:35:57

I went to a church last Sunday where the preaching was about percentage this and percentage that and I wonder, when will the church(or believers start preaching about casting out devils and healing the sick?) The church now and days has become a place that the preaching is all about messages such as and like Dr Phil. Alots of stories about this and that. I got a better one. Start casting out devils, speaking in tongue and healing the sick and you'll see that the first ones attacking you are those within the ministry. Just try it and see. Believe me I was there. As soon as you start doing as Jesus did, casting out money chargers and those selling doves, they WILL throw you out as well.

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