Christianity.com: How do we maintain personal authenticity in the online world?-Tim Challies



  • 2012-03-16T03:46:58

There is no privacy or anonymity in this world whatsoever. Secrecy is the wildest fantasy. God knows everything and is seeing everything of course, but our records are all stored literally and physically in the actual space around the Planet Earth. Unless God bends and folds the space itself, a little more technology on space travel will enable any humans to view it all. Angels and demons can watch us what we are doing 24/7. There is nothing that can be hidden, as the Lord Jesus has said. If anyone is horrified how much of King David's personal life was revealed in the Holy Bible, all of us will face the same fate, if not the more. How much privacy of our lives God will allow for all to see in the future entirely depends on Him, but Christians must live an honorable life for Jesus' name's sake for all time everywhere. The entire universe is witnessing how Christians are living and suffering for Jesus our only love. If we do shameful things in secret, not only we disgrace ourselves cosmically and lose rewards in Heaven, we greatly sadden our dearest Lord( which is the worst thing to happen).

  • 2012-03-16T03:29:11

Because of the nature of light and how it travels, the space is never-ceasing record keeper of everything.

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