INCREDIBLE Duet - Jotta A Michely Manuely Sing Hallelujah



  • 2011-11-29T17:17:03

I download the video in my computer and keep watching it when I'm free, and every time it lifted up my spirit...hallelujah!

  • 2011-11-29T15:21:19

nice song nice voice and performance.

  • 2011-11-22T18:20:56

The good thing is they sing that song in a secular program that is viewed nationwide therefore the unbeliever will all hear the message of worship...God bless these children to spread the message of your love.

  • 2011-11-22T07:57:40

this goes for michely manuely too.God is using young ones to bring revival to the world and if we don't protect them with prayer then we will have failed in our duty as believers.

  • 2011-11-22T07:54:18

That boy has a very unique gift and I thank God already for how He has used Jotta A to bring His presence in the hearts of men.However, I would advise his parents and spiritual father to pray for him as many times as they can and commit him always in the hands of God because the devil is watching him and wants to ensnare him to destroy his gift.He shouldn't allow the michael jackson spirit to infiltrate him.He is a talented kid and every time u call him jackson, the characteristics of the late musician embeds in Jotta.proof is;he was shaking his head and swirling his feet in Oh Happy Day song just like the late. Pray for that kid's protection (and others in the world who we have no idea of) so that God keeps Jotta for Himself and for His glory, the young boy will worship God in truth and in Spirit.Pray hard for him and do not let the devil have a chance on him (Ephesians 4:27).

  • 2011-11-22T00:01:10

I pray that these children will never compromise the beautiful gift that the Lord has blessed them with, and that no matter what weapon tries to form against them, they will keep there eyes fixed on there Lord and Saviour. thank you Jesus for these wonderful young people whose desire is to worship you ALONE.

  • 2011-11-19T02:01:32

Praise God Bill Vanhoose. I don't have to know you to be happy for you, For we are all God's children. I went thru the same in my twenties. If it was not for God, I would be dead or in jail. I count my blessings daily and thank God for not leaving me because he had every right to do so at that time in my life. I could be pretty mean. Now for over 30 years I live my life for God and Jesus CHrist, our Lord and Savior. May you continue on your spiritual journey with much happiness.))

  • 2011-11-18T19:09:34

Kathy Mckinley Bolot It's portuguese, the official idiom in Brazil.

  • 2011-11-17T19:49:16

Maurine Carter 12 years.... such a gift!!

  • 2011-11-17T04:37:24


  • 2011-11-16T23:53:16

Yes this is the grace of the Lord given for us God Bless this kinds more & more.

  • 2011-11-15T17:48:04

Hallelujah ----------- Portuguese Lyrics by Gabriela Rocha: (with portuguese/spannish subtitles) Pai eu quero te amar, tocar o teu coração E me derramar aos teu pés Mais perto eu quero estar Senhor E te adorar com tudo que eu sou E ti render glória e alelúia Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia Quando lutas vierem me derrubar Firmado em ti eu estarei, pois tu és O meu refúgio Oh Deus E não importa onde estiver no vale ou no monte Adorarei, a ti eu canto glória e Alelúia Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia Senhor preciso do teu olhar ouvi as batidas Do teu coração me esconder em teus braços Oh Pai, Toda minha alma deseja a ti Junto com os anjos cantarei Tú és Santo, exaltado, Alelúia Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia, Alelúia a ti senhor Alelúia, Allelúia, Alelúia Oooh Alelúlia, Alelúia

  • 2011-11-15T17:36:13

This is portuguese, official idiom in Brazil. I can send you the lyrics in portuguese.

  • 2011-11-13T19:11:30

Incredible performance. This is the Holy Spirit singing through them. I went into tears and I lost count of how many time I had play this song. I can have enough of it.

  • 2011-11-10T05:55:25

amazing, incredible, God anointed.. speechless.. can't stop listening....

  • 2011-11-08T13:21:29

Now this is good!

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