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Sound Sensitive
Just as with Samuel, may we know the presence of God throughout the day.

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In Remembrance - Memorial Day



Amazing Opera Duo - Shocking Performance of The Prayer



  • 2014-07-12T01:38:34

Very good. But it could be fake voice. you never know

  • 2013-02-03T13:06:36

Love and best wishes you.

  • 2013-02-03T13:05:04

I'm a big fan Thank you.

  • 2012-09-20T08:25:52

Word's can not begin to describe the feeling and passion the emotion you both brought and I expeirenced, I'm still crying now. Don't ever ever give up on eachother. Johnathan you have a deep soul a kind loving heart, you could have been called off by Simon, but you stayed a strong and faithful friend to your singing partner and said it's both or none. I have never felt such pure joy, keep letting God use you and He will in such a beautiful, wonderful way. I will be first in line for your CD's for many years. Hope you 2 stay close, she is a great friend to you also. Love in Christ, Theresa Meyers Thornton. Thank you for so much joy..

  • 2012-07-28T04:22:53

What a beautiful singer, this young man is....don't judge anyone by their appearance...God Bless him!

  • 2012-07-12T17:59:21

Children, you brought tears to my eyes. I gave you a standing ovation alone in my living room! Thanks for singing your hearts out to the world. I look forward to hearing from you in the future...God Bless!

  • 2012-05-17T02:36:42

It's so amaaaaazing to see the talent God has given this duo! Totally inspirational!

  • 2012-05-05T18:20:00

Praise Him, Continually and Forever! You two shocked all of us when we heard this, just keep up the awesome praise to GOD through the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank You Father in the name of Jesus! HALLELUJAH! ♥

  • 2012-04-23T06:53:12

Well said indeed, Toni. Congratulations Jonathan and Charlotte. I admire you both for your character.

  • 2012-04-20T01:40:10

Jonathan, God has made you with a special talent. Trusting Him will give you confidence and bringing a friend like Charlotte by your side will bring you added courage to face the let downs of life. You showed that night you performed on stage the meaning of being a real man, you honored Charlotte. You are a man! Now become the man God wants you to be, He will help you with whatever weaknesses you face personally! God bless you in your future endeavors, many will be encouraged by you and your real friend Charlotte!

  • 2012-04-19T09:07:22

I was in tears! What God-given talent! And to have a friend like her! Yo go dude!

  • 2012-04-16T23:45:54

I can relate so much to Jonathan, I also love to sing and I worship my Lord through song. I too have been judged for my size and looks but by the grace of God I have learned not to let it stop me from singing my Lord's praises.

  • 2012-04-16T15:52:00

I admire the fact that they are so young and have developed such strong morals and devotions to stand up for one another. It's a rare gift indeed not to mention the singing. As for Charlotte, she sings beautifully, the problem was that the sound person needed to up the volume of her beautiful singing.

  • 2012-04-16T00:50:57

toni amen to that amazing people.

  • 2012-04-15T03:21:45

I was not expecting this this was absolutely unbelievable.

  • 2012-04-14T04:48:15

This was just amazing, they are so blessed with that beautiful voices, praise the Lord!