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What steps can you take to seek God’s perspective in a current challenging situation?

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Give God Your Weakness and He'll Give You His Strength



Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (Official Music Video)



  • 2011-08-17T00:43:55

I am loving you enough to tell you the truth. As soon as you speak truth to someone who wants to live their 'christian' life casually, they always cry "Condemnation". Or "Don't judge me." I am not judging your calling, I am just asking everyone to line the video up with the scripture. If you get convicted by that, it's your problem, change!

  • 2011-08-17T00:35:38

If people would line up the video of this song with the life of Jesus by reading and studying their bibles, you would understand what we are saying. The video of the song is the poster child of what is wrong with our "casual christianity". Just add a little of Jesus in everything we do is the message of this song, instead of "Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him." This is what I am saying. HOpe your not offended.

  • 2011-08-16T20:41:37

Your heavenly Father also wants to heal you. Claim His promise to heal your back and command the pain to go in Jesus name.

  • 2011-08-16T20:29:00

Robert, and Forerunner, The "DO" thing that is offensive to God is in reference to doing the works of the Spirit after the flesh, without His instruction and guidance, or doing our own thing, and calling it of Him. If the Lord wants us to witness, how do you suggest it gets done if we don't DO it? If He asks us to feed the hungry, how do you suggest we get that done if we don't DO it? ...and so on. This song is telling us to do what we do to the Glory of God which means we DO what HE wants us to DO. We can't do anything to the Glory of God if we are being disobedient or contrary to His Word. That is not possible!

  • 2011-08-16T19:18:45

Shannon, I am doing better every day as I learn more and more to walk in the Spirit. Just remember, Honey, when we hit bottom there is no way to go but UP! And there is nothing better than "rock bottom"... There is a scripture that talks about "falling on THE Rock"! :o)

  • 2011-08-16T19:14:59

Thank you so much for your kind words, Lynn. I am finding that the more open and honest I am both with myself and with others, the more I am connecting with wonderful people who share my values, and the more I am becoming at peace with who I am. I feel kind of like I had to hit rock bottom in order to let go and allow God to lead me where He wants me to be. Thank you again; I really appreciate your taking the time to respond...I hope you are doing well too! :)

  • 2011-08-16T18:39:03

Just wonderful as a single mom, sometimes working and cleaning just to do it all over again the next day....Thank you Steven! God's love..

  • 2011-08-16T15:46:20

This song is not claiming to be a doctrine that is meant to replace the Bible. It is ministering greatly to those of us who have been made to feel worthless because we haven't been able to measure up to the impossible standards that others have put on us. If it does not minister to you, simply don't listen to it. But, please quit heaping condemnation on those of us who have been greatly blessed and encouraged, and even healed by it. I think it is incredible what that song has been doing here! It has brought together many members of the Body of Christ who are ministering so much love and compassion to one another. THAT is the Bible's teaching in a nutshell!! You are condemning the wounded and crippled for not being able to be where we are not yet able to be. That is GOD'S business. Scripture is for edifying and correction, NOT to condemn the childlike and wounded! JESUS is the Fisherman. It is the FISHERMAN who decides how to clean His fish...It is NOT up to the other fish! Jesus said the greatest thing is LOVE, and THAT is what the rest of us here ARE doing.

  • 2011-08-16T15:32:26

Shannon, God has you in the palm of His hand, and EVERYTHING you have been going through is FOR A PURPOSE. I, too, have had trouble loving myself. God told me I am not my own, I am His, so, I should just love myself as if I were loving someone else. ...and I should give myself the same understanding and mercy that I would give to someone else. We are to love others as we love ourselves, so, it is really important for us to learn to love ourselves. If you can't do it for you, do it for them. People tried to tell me I was bi-polar, but, even if you are, hear what Father told me. He told me I was merely learning to walk in the Spirit...and we jump in and out, so we appear to be "bi-polar". My Dear, you will NEVER be perfect by your own works...but, you are already perfect in Christ... The Bible says you are "the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus"! As for the depression...God inhabits the praises of His people, so, put on some praise music, and praise yourself into the joy of the Lord! :o)

  • 2011-08-16T15:30:29

Tammy , did you go to Central High School in Martinsburg, PA. Thats where I attended

  • 2011-08-16T15:20:36

Thank you, Bernie. ...and thank you all who have prayed for injury is healing without medical help! I somehow didn't let it be known that Father God has finally convinced me that I have value. Sometimes we miss the most obvious thing...God truly didn't make any junk!!! As for my past... Thank you so much for your compassion for my suffering. But, it is our suffering that gives us the empathy and the ability to minister to others who hurt. Romans 8:28!!!! God bless you.

  • 2011-08-16T15:14:06

Sadly Forerunner is missing the point in this song. I am called to minister to the most severely wounded and damaged, and I have been there, so, I get what the real message is. Those who don't need a "bridge" should not find fault with others who do. I know what it is like to believe I am nothing because I could never measure up to the impossible standards others have had for me. It is my Lord who has finally made me realize I am of great value to Him even if I can do nothing but love Him. We were sent here to be VESSELS through whom HE can save the World, etc. To be wounded and unable to be in service for the Lord before we are ready is NOT being cold or lukewarm. Toxic shame does not heal anyone or prepare them for the Lord's work. It is GOD who tells us to WAIT on HIS timing.

  • 2011-08-16T15:04:17

Thank you, Craig. I can relate to your situation... My family members are blind to what I DO do...what GOD wants me to do. Taking care of kids is "not working"?! What...are your kids in comas? I am so glad that YOU know how hard you work. The Lord told me that WE must know who we really are. ...and WE must know that we are obeying HIM. Then it won't matter to us who else can't see it. That is between them and GOD.

  • 2011-08-16T14:38:10

As Far as God is concerned, Lynn...YOU DID EVERYTHING TO THE GLORY OF HIM WHO MADE YOU! :) In the end...that's all that really matters... hugs.

  • 2011-08-16T14:22:06

What a fun song and a great reminder,,,,I am in the Real Estate business so you can all imagine how THAT is making me feel these days, not to mention that I only started selling last year so its been almost nothing but discouraging.(but I love people and houses so I stay). Steve always has such great songs with deep messages. Good news.

  • 2011-08-16T13:09:41

Glenys from South Africa. This man has inspired so many here. He has brought the works of so many chosen christians to the knowledge of "the world" and "other christians". He knows the everyday person in the street. He knows their heart. He feels their pain, their loss, their inadequacy, their weakness - he is a vessel used to the glory of God. May The Lord keep him and his remaining family in strength, peace and joy - always. He knows great loss - and ministers through it. I honour him.