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  • 2011-12-31T02:35:52

Believer's union with Christ is the most glorious mystery in the universe. In this world, there is a sense of immense and intense delight, beauty, and satisfaction in giving oneself up for another and in tasting the noble result of such ultimate surrender and receiving back the affection of the object the life was given up for. It's the exchange of love in truth and in the deepest level without any guise or any other purpose. It's truly wondrous that God did not simply command us to follow Jesus and promised blessings, but He mentioned the union with Himself as the result of belonging to Him by believing in Him, though He is holy God and we are mere filthy mortals. What an elevation of humanity, to think about what kind of God Jesus is and that He consciously decided to unite with us! The union with Him alone quench the thirst of the souls of the Redeemed as God has created us as that much deep beings. Union with Christ is the spiritual reality which God has actualized but it must be lived out by the believers in practical life. The constant identification with Christ in the midst of life's brutal, bloody, muddy battles - the Lord help us. I used to have troubles accepting my worth even with the full knowledge that God has created me and loves me. I realized indeed I was not worthless because of God, but it's my petty love for Him and shallow commitment that has been pitiful. Jesus the God of universe did not come to Earth in flesh, lived, suffered, died, resurrected and ascended only to receive such minimal love back from me. It should never be that way. He truly deserves my all. I feel in my superficial Christian life I just kept using Him in order to get my own desirable end results for all these years. I pray for a drastic change in the new year as I should learn what it means to die for Him. Jesus deserves my life to death, nothing less.

  • 2011-12-30T22:02:01

The phrase "union with Christ" means being so vitally joined to Jesus that we draw our very lives from Him and have grown so close to Him that we would have to be torn away from Him (which He will not allow). Just as our physical organs have to be joined to our bodies to even live and function, just so being joined to Jesus gives us eternal spiritual life. Jesus gave a superb explanation as John recorded it. He is the Grape-Vine---the Main, Tap-Root---and we are the branches. In order to do anything, we must be closely, inseparably joined to Him, because, without that union, we can not do anything except live our physical lives, die, and spend eternity in Hell---in a word:nothing. We have eternal life now and for eternity if we are joined inseparably to Jesus. We are still ourselves as Christians, but we are also as much a part of Jesus as our physical organs are a part of our bodies.

  • 2011-10-28T13:39:56

Where Is The Phrase "Union With Christ" I Can't Find It In The Bible.

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