Bible Prophecy vs. History (Daniel 11:1-19)



  • 2014-02-13T00:56:52

It runs pretty fast and is hard to follow. Pauses don't keep the information on the screen so it can be digested. is there a youtube version?

  • 2011-08-12T14:34:20

The thing I see here is as much as Daniel is the companion book to the book of Revelation, this in Daniel is true but much of this in Daniel 11 is still future tense, and has NOT yet come to pass. While daniel talks about the present in his time he also writes about the future to come in the ends times and after the "Rapture" of the church! The times of Alex the great etc are prophesy fullfilled and yet there is still sooooo much that has not been fullfilled! Sola Scriptura=Scripture w/scripture That is the key to finding truth, and also aligning the verse w/the church, the Jews or the Gentiles, does it fit the past the present or the furture! These are KEY, to getting the scripture in the "LIGHT" of God's Infalliable word! The only other KEY is; is it scripture, IS IT a KING JAMES BIBLE! Is it from the manuscripts from Syria text, and or is it from the Alexandrian manuscripts? Get it in the proper prespective or get it wrong, every time!

  • 2011-08-11T22:05:33

This is the type of video that I would select over 'entertainment type' videos. However, for me it was difficult to read as the items of history go by way too fast and - though it may just be my operating system - I find it odd that hitting pause (to read the things flashed on or rolled past the screen) brings up the choice of whether to continue and/or share the video instead of simply giving the video pause...so one could read it. If this is a website issue, GodTube, please correct it. Thanks

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