This is no coincidence! Neighbor Saves 7-year-old Girl Falls from Third-floor Window



  • 2012-08-10T15:08:10

Debbie Harr Nickles I think readers missed the fact the child was autistic. Too many don't know what this disability is or how it affects people, especially children. Many kids are misdiagnosed as retarded when in fact it is autism, a neurological problem not usually one of low intelligence. Yes, I agree that God had his hand on this situation. She could have fallen when no one was around.

  • 2012-08-04T12:28:00

your a wierd person! where did you get your information from?

  • 2012-07-25T15:49:33

It amazes me just how HOSTILE people here can get... and call themselves Christians? HAHAHAH SERIOUSLY? Every Christian should be able to know the difference between bad publicity and positive criticism. It seems that some still need to understand what Christianity is all about an find themselves as to where they belong. FEAR is something we learn, not something you were born with so if you feel fear and turmoil then perhaps your level of faith is much lower than you portray it to be. When you TRULY believe in God then you should have no reason to call someone a liar and fear monger but rather smile and leave them with their opinions. Hitting back with calling someone a liar is hardly the sign of good Christian behaviours. I will pray for you Danny and others out there whom still dont seem to grasp the concept of what it means to be Godly. Stop believing everything you see or hear just because someone else says it to be true. There are many angles, views, opinions and we are all entitled to them without being persecuted and labelled as liars. YOU are oing exactly what all those false religious characters are doing out there. Just because you dont like an opinion does not make it right by calling names my friend. Find yourself in God, KNOW your place in this society and perhaps when you are ready to accept Gods love as pure and simple as it is without the politics or need to fit in, then you will realise that your comment was in fact counter productive and very NON Christian. Have a blessed day my friend... and remember... Not everyone is a liar just because they see things different from you. We are ALL Gods people and therefore NON liars.

  • 2012-07-25T12:32:38

How do you know the guy filming didn't call for help, were you their? Can you actually see that she was not caught? I can't. How many people strolled by? The child had autism and crawled out of the window, don't you listen to the news. Maybe you should not be so negative, concentrate more on the Love of God and sharing his word. Spread the news of salvation, he is coming back one day to take us home. Be excited about that!

  • 2012-07-25T10:50:19


  • 2012-07-22T15:46:20

Off Topic> Why can I never watch a single video on this site without seeing an ad for a christian dating site first? My God nor my wife either one would approve of me dating at this point. I would love to see more videos on this site, but can't stand the ads. On Topic> The video does make it look like she jumped, but as my wife has cared for an autistic child, encouraging her to jump into your arms is more likely than coaching her back through the narrow gap in the window. As for calling the police, what good would that have done? What if she did fall or jump before they got there which would be more likely the case. Glad to see she's okay, and hope for a speedy recovery of the man that tore his arm in trying to save her life.

  • 2012-07-22T12:58:44

It doesn't look like she was caught because of something called Law of Gravity. There was so much force from her increasingly plummeting to the ground. He went down with her, which only shows that he in fact did catch her. Thank God! :)

  • 2012-07-19T16:21:31

She jumped!

  • 2012-07-19T11:14:58

Where are you getting your information from??? Its people like you that make up crap that cause turmoil and fear! Grow up! Stop lying!

  • 2012-07-18T21:56:34

Autism? Fine,.. fair enough. The carers, guardians, supervisors or parents of that child need to be called to task as to why THEY are nowhere to be seen here. Yes the guy TRIED to catch her and may have slowed down the fall but didnt actually catch anything. From that Height it would have been hard to do even for the strongest person. Optimism? HAHAHA,.. my friend I am being optimistic. No need for me to research the story as I wasnt really too interested in it to begin with because I am the sort of person whom does NOT stand around watching accidents to happen, looking at car accidents, dead people laying in streets or disabled people doing accrobatics and then yelling out "JESUS ITS A MIRACLE". Im one of those people whom would have ran up those stairs in that building and kicked down that door to pull the child back through the window. Im that person that would have tried to rally passerbyers to put hands together and act as a safety net,.. I am that man that would have tried a great deal more than just stand by and video a potentially deadly situation without any indication of calling for help. Yes you may say they could have done so before the video was taken but I can only go by what I see on film and on this occasion my friend,.. he did not call for help. I AM indeed being optimistic and praise God that this child came out of it in good shape. The sad part is that this child will be going home to the same people whom allowed her to go outside on the ledge unsupervised and next time perhaps fall to her death. Kirk I admire your need to be positive about such things but the fact remains that there is a great deal of sadness around this clip. Stay blessed friend, keep positive, remember people have opinions and on this occasion mine is that this could have been prevented, should have been prevented but wasnt. The fact that the child made it doesnt make it a good story at all. That... is my opinion.

  • 2012-07-18T21:26:39

Are you kidding me? Did you read the description? She had autism! And if he didn't catch her how did he get a torn bicep? How do you know he didn't try to call for help? The video is only three minutes long! I think you should research this story a lot more because you are missing some key variables and maybe try speaking with a bit more optimism and love considering that this could have turned out much worse! God Bless you brother!

  • 2012-07-18T20:31:59

Not only DIDn't she fall,.. SHE JUMPED,.. she also was NOT CAUGHT. Not much inspiration there by making achild jump like that. Sorry but even the guy filming didn't even bother call the police? SHamefull people. Had that child died who would anyone blame? The guy telling her to jump? The guy whom didn't call for help? All those people that just strolled on by? The parents? Seriously? What a waste of time. Thank God the child is alive. NOW its time someone looked into HOW that kid got there in the first place.

  • 2012-07-18T20:09:13

I agree..

  • 2012-07-18T19:31:00

Not trying to be negative...but it doesn't look like she was caught. Glad all involved are ok though.

  • 2012-07-18T19:19:22


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