Dying Dad Leaves Behind Beautiful Message for His Daughter



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This was so inspiring to me and like he said in his story there is no promise of tomorrow >>>I lost my husband suddenly and did not have the chance to say goodby...But tis message inspired me very much God bless his wife and beautiful daughter

  • 2014-02-22T18:05:39

I was so touched by this couple with what they're going through. His relationship with God is a powerful statement and her strength is amazing. What a beautiful message to leave their daughter. Know one day you'll be reunited as a family. Your love is unending.

  • 2014-02-10T11:55:41

It is a sad story but our hope is in Jesus Christ for He conquered death through resurrection! I'm always encouraged by this scripture as well "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ," Philippians 3:20.

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Beautiful yet sad story, right?

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Oh PALEEEZE! When my husband was diagnosed with deadly TONGUE cancer, in 1985, he was 36 yrs old then. (NO, he doesn't touch tobacco or alcohol or drugs) was given less than 10% chance to live 5 yrs. Praise God, he's alive in spite of it returning numerous times and a LOT of horrific, painful treatments. What was VERY disturbing, sad and down right mean, nasty were people who came crawling out of their caves, came knocking on our doors with promises of healing and hope, begging him to NOT have the painful and horrific surgeries, radiation, chemo...NO! they'd say,... then offer to SELL us junk that for sure would cure him. It was brutal! From worthless, very expensive "Scam"way, Shockley and Purple Placebo pills"....if we sign up, get for half price including a box soap and free ear wax to make candles so when your lights go out, won't be left in the dark! A few of these heartless soap'sellers got angry and nearly cursed us, saying "You're NOT trusting in God to cure you!...I'm offering you HOPE and you're still having surgery and treatments, means you're NOT trusting in God!"....wow! how do they know what relationship Larry had with his God? We struggled for some time, praying, begging the Lord for a cure, for hope, for answers! A Christian Doctor who specialized in natural remedies, Dr Charles Thomas, told us this "Cancer is like crab grass and MUST be cut out before it spreads, have this surgery ASAP!" The soap sellers phone calls, door knockings didn't stop, even AFTER Larrys surgery, they kept calling, always had an angle, hope and promises! but for a price! ...so Ms Katz Craig...PAALEEEZE....do NOT do this to people. YOU are totally clueless regarding ANY TYPE of cancer. Have you had cancer? Have you been to medical school long enough to learn about the Krebb cycle? Are you a doctor specializing in Cancer treatments. Or a regular MD, or are you even a Registered Nurse? LPN, NA, or a Phlebotomist at least? If not, then you are doing people a disservice by suggesting they can have hope without cutting and chemo! Every body is different, Every cancer is different, every treatment is different! Do you want to be responsible for peoples deaths? Would you suggest this same "soap" you're selling as a cure to your own mama? Or child? I don't think so! I suggest you remove your post and not suggest you have the answer...if you do have something revolutionary, then GIVE it to them....is what I told each person who showed up on our doorstep with promises of a cure, if we buy yada yada....I told them if they were soooo sure of their cures, willing to take full responsibility for Larrys life, we'd take your cure'all and pay then 10,000 times asking price! Funny how not one single person took us up on that offer. The old adage...if its too good to be true, then it isn't! I've learned this much about cancer in the 30 yrs my dear Larry has battled it...he was 36 yrs old when the little sore showed up on his tongue. Idiot doctor told him he'd bitten himself, refusing to take action. 2 months later it had grown size of large grape, giving it time to spread to where was deadly. Larry needed drastic surgery...half his tongue, floor of his mouth. He refused to allow them take his lower jaw and underarm tissues IF there were no lymph node involvement. Thank you Jesus there was not and Larry is alive, but ONLY because we saw a different doctor who had him in surgery within a week!....had the 1st doctor do just basics, he would have removed the rice sized lump and that's ALL he would have ever needed done. Can visit his website under Caringbridge .com....then visit LarrYYoung1 (I'm using caps for emphasis only) Larry is a very awesome and Godly man! He does NOT blame God or hold any bitterness or anger towards the 1st doctor...but I have a hard time with this. You may mean well, but you're also putting peoples lives in danger and giving hope that may not be realistic. When one has cancer, a certain percentage of the time without treatment or medications of any sort, it may resolve on its own....the body may have cured itself! Then there's a certain percentage of bodies that have life saving catastrophic surgeries, treatments and careful diet....and they still die!. Then there's a fair amount of people who have surgery and that's it...they never suffer another cancer ever again and they die of old age, drinking and smoking till their last breath age 99+. Then there's people like my Larry who has numerous surgeries, radiation treatments and it returns, again and again...slowly hacking away to where he's nearly lost his speech. He continues teaching his bible classes as he's a very gifted teacher. He spends time with His creator, Lord and Savior each day. Eats a very healthy, organic, vegan diet....and his cancer still returns. His last surgery was almost 4 yrs ago. He nearly lost his battle due to catastrophic bleeding when his lingual artery stitching came undone and burst...he held it together, long enough for me to drive him to the hospital half hour away....cops are still looking for that red truck going 99 miles per hour! anyway....I don't mean to be cruel and nasty. I've just had too many people with an angle, making promises for a price....someone may end up taking your advice and loose their lives. Leave cancer to those who know best. I know, not every doctor is great...its up to God, NOT people!

  • 2014-02-08T09:04:43

I am so aware lately of all the sadness about cancer that I cannot sit still any longer. Cancer can be beaten. Without horrible chemo and cutting! My wish and my goal is to reach people with a message of hope and healing. I am working on a project of awareness how.

  • 2014-02-07T02:56:59

Sitting in a swell of tears, knowing that this message is for a bigger purpose that I can ever imagine. As I post this on my social media sites~ may it reach someone today with the message of Jesus~

  • 2014-02-06T17:42:53

Oh I am tearing up. What a beautiful blessing this Daddy left His baby daughter. Yes he left her this beautfiul Video... but also he encouraged her to follow her Heavenly Father... who is our real Father. How He loves His chilldren.

  • 2014-02-06T17:41:25

Oh I am tearing up. What a beautiful blessing this Daddy left his baby daughter. Yes he left her this beautfiul Video... but also he encouraged her to follow her Heavenly Father... who is our real Father. How He loves His chilldren.

  • 2014-01-29T23:58:20

Praying for a complete miracle healing in the will of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior for YOU brother! Thank you for your demonstrated supernatural Holy Spirit bound courage! I am sending your testimony to my daughter to encourage her to go to church and grow in her faith in Jesus Christ. :) Please pray "C" will find a bible teaching church in her area soon. All Praise and Glory and Honor to Jesus forever. AMEN

  • 2014-01-29T13:50:07

Lacy Geez do you have to make me shed tears so early?

  • 2014-01-29T09:58:39

His light a blessing to many. I want his beautiful wife to know I was touched by her strength and light as well. I will pray for both she and her daughter as they navigate their new normal on earth, until they can dance with him again, this time on streets made of gold!

  • 2014-01-29T04:51:38

Thanks so much for sharing his powerful and courageous testimony. Many will be touched and blessed because of it. May our loving Father keep you and baby Austin safe.

  • 2014-01-29T00:28:07

... her daddy loved the Lord. may this testimony be instrumental of her knowing her Lord and Saviour when the right time comes.

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