7/2/2013 9:57:59 AM - watchasay

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  • kidnappedkidnapped
    The boys decided to make a "movie" so this was all them, I just recorded it. basically its about two guys who break out of jail and kidnap this lady because she has a ton of money. its not that great but we were bored:) PLEASE COMMENT:) please...watchasay2013-08-29T10:19:07532 views00:02:38
  • Harlem ShakeHarlem Shake
    this one was better than our first one:) we had so much fun:) made with an app on my iPod (Harlem shake maker)watchasay2013-08-29T08:34:05340 views00:00:30
  • A terrible Harlem shakeA terrible Harlem shake
    the first Harlem Shake that we did...it is horrible but we had fun:)watchasay2013-08-29T08:14:04385 views00:00:30
  • dead inside-skilletdead inside-skillet
    Clips of videos that my friends and I made put to the song dead inside by skillet. my first video so please, please comment:)watchasay2013-08-28T10:24:05697 views00:01:13