'Bleed The Same' - Mandisa With TobyMac And Kirk Franklin

'Bleed The Same' - Mandisa With TobyMac And Kirk Franklin

When we all come together we create something absolutely beautiful. No matter what we look like or where we come from, ultimately we all bleed the same. As I listened to the powerful lyrics of 'Bleed The Same' from Mandisa, I was overcome with emotion.

This incredible song also featured TobyMac and Kirk Franklin. The words truly struck a chord with me and their even more true today. We can accomplish so many incredible things when we all come together, but today a lot of our country is divided. We should be rallying together for each other and lifting one another up in love. We are all God's children and He loves us deeply.

Let these lyrics remind you of the real team that we should all be fighting for and that's the army of God. Together, we can make love the most important thing and truly change the world. Don't these lyrics just speak to your heart?

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