Family Adopts After God Touches Their Hearts

Family Adopts After God Touches Their Hearts

Brent and Audrey Shook are high school sweethearts. And early on in their marriage, the Lord put in their heart the idea of adoption. After the couple married, they had five kids of their own and life started to get busy. But in the back of their hearts they continued to feel the Lord calling them to adopt.

They looked at agencies and wanted to start the process but the timing was never right. That's when Brent got an email from an agency they had looked at 10 years before asking if the family would be willing to host a child from China for a summer while they tried to find that child a forever home. When Audrey saw Lucy’s photo, she immediately knew this was their daughter. After lots of prayer, the Shooks decided to submit to God’s will and adopt this sweet little girl even though they knew nothing about her.

Lucy was the perfect fit for their family and they knew this was God’s plan. But God still had another part of His plan. Lucy kept talking about her best friend back at the orphanage and the Shooks knew that this adoption story wasn't over.

They knew that little Henry was supposed to be their son and Lucy was to bring him to them. So they got the paperwork together and got ready to fly to China to pick up not one, but two new members of their family. Lucy and Henry were unwanted because of her Down Syndrome and his blindness. But God had a plan for them and now these two adorable children are beloved parts of the Shook family.

It is truly incredible to see how the Lord can make hearts whole when His followers step out of their comfort zones and listen to His will! God bless this beautiful family.

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