The Shepherd, The Sheep and The Lamb

This is an original composition that I was inspired to write during some challenging times, not the least of which was the new Covid culture. Being a teacher in this difficult time was indeed difficult, but in addition, I was going through a divorce and caring for my elderly parents. I surrounded myself with a couple of ministries and began to pray more and more. I felt it was Spiritual serendipity that a few ministries I was surrounding myself with were preaching about biblical stories of the shepherd. For example, one spoke of the scripture Luke 15:3-7 where Jesus told the parable of the Shepherd who left his flock of 99 sheep to go after the one that was lost. Another ministry and film maker told the the story of the Birth of Christ through the eyes of the shepherd in a film entitled, The Shepherd. I was hearing these ministries about the same time and as I said, it felt like Spiritual serendipity. As a writer, I can be influenced by so many things. As a Christian writer, many of my influences come from Scripture. So I celebrated Christmas of 2020 by recording this new, original composition, and made a video (in iMovie) which actually took longer than the recording session..LOL.
This song is currently available here, on YouTube and at my author site
Thank you for letting me share my love for Christ. I hope you enjoy,
The Shepherd, The Sheep and The Lamb.

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