Part 1 of 3 -- BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #6 – Response to Liberalism & WCFA

BFTBC – History of Fundamentalism Class #6 – Response to Liberalism & WCFA

History of Fundamentalism Class of the Bible For Today Baptist Church
900 Park Avenue, Collingswood, NJ 08108

--Text Book In Pursuit of Purity By Dr. David O. Beale--

Pastor Daniel S. Waite covered pages 87-109 on October 10, 2014, at Bible For Today Baptist Church

1. Name at least three ways early day Fundamentalists initially responded to the adverse influences of Liberalism (Beale, 87)?

2. What was primary objective of the early American (colonial) colleges (Beale, 87)?

3. Which early American (colonial) college has the following inscribed on one wall of its main gate: “To advance learning, and perpetuate it to posterity: dreading to leave an illiterate ministry to the churches, when our present ministers shall lie in dust” (Beale, 87)?

4. (1) List the eight colonial schools established to train ministers for the gospel, (2) the location of each of the schools, and (3) their denominational affiliation (Beale, 88).

5. What was the driving force behind the change and purpose in higher education (Beale, 88)?

6. What percentage of college presidents were pastors prior to the Civil War (Beale, 88)?

7. What Christian liberal arts college was established in Illinois in 1860 (Beale, 89)?

8. Name the two men who were pioneers of the Bible Institute movement (Beale, 89)?

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