SHOFARS - By Jim Barbarossa (The SHOFAR MAN) - SEGMENT 3 of 3

SHOFARS - By Jim Barbarossa (The SHOFAR MAN) - SEGMENT 3 of 3

Jim Barbarossa (The Shofar Man) teaches, ministers, instructs, and imparts anointing on The Ministry Of The Shofar. This is Part-1, Segment 3 of the very popular 3-Part Set: THE MINISTRY OF THE SHOFAR.

Highlights of this anointed 3-Part, 4-hour conference include:

- A Jericho type shout released by 60 Shofars being sounded all at one time for approximately 5 minutes.

- Laying on of hands, anointing service for Shofar blowers.

- A word from the Lord for Shofar blowers all over the world.

- How to sound the Traditional Hebrew Calls/Patterns.

- How to position your mouth on the Shofar.

- How to position your lips in the mouthpiece.

- How to use your lips and tongue to produce different notes.

- How to pick out a good Shofar.

- How to get rid of the Shofar odor.

- How to pick out a Shofar with a good mouthpiece.

- The three different finishes on a Shofar.

- Guidelines for using a Shofar in the local church.

- The Shofar and the prophetic.

- The Shofar and denominational walls.

- The Shofar as a tool for Intercession.

For more information on this 3-Part, 4 hour MINISTRY OF THE SHOFAR, you can go to: WWW.THESHOFARMAN.COM

There are many useful things on the SHOFARMAN website. Check it out!

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