Choosing Faith - Brian Welch quits Korn and kicks drugs

Choosing Faith - Brian Welch quits Korn and kicks drugsBrian "Head" Welch, former lead-guitarist for Korn, a controversial nu-metal band, is now a Christian and no longer does drugs (meth) and alcohol. He says in this interview on Fox News that he has found God.

In February 2005, more than 10,000 people in Bakersfield, California, watched as Brian Welch--the former lead guitarist of the controversial Nu--metal band Korn--was saved by Jesus Christ. The event set off a media frenzy as observers from around the world sought to understand what led this rock star out of the darkness and into the light. In his courageous memoir, Head talks for the first time about his shocking embrace of God and the tumultuous decade that led him into the arms of Jesus Christ. Taking the reader backstage with Korn, Head tells the inside story of life in the band and how his rock star lifestyle resulted in an all-consuming addiction to methamphetamines. Head writes openly about the tour bus mayhem of Ozzfest and The Family Values tour, while providing a candid look at how the routine of recording and traveling placed him in a cycle of addiction that he could not break on his own.

Speaking honestly about his addiction, Head details his struggles with the drug that ultimately led him to seek a higher power. Despite his numerous attempts to free himself from his addiction, nothing--not even the birth of his daughter--could spur him to kick meth for good. Here he addresses how, with the help of God, he emerged from his dangerous lifestyle and found a path that was not only right for his daughter, it was right for him. In addition, he discusses the chaotic end to his time in Korn, and how his newfound faith has changed his perspective on his past.

For more info on Brian Welch and his conversion, please read the following article: Korn Meets Christ: The Conversion of Brian Welch at

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