The canvas of my submitted heart

As God writes His-story on me it seems to go much farther back then my small existence. I liken it to the pages we write upon. Our story did not start as the pages started to turn. It started the day the acorn took to the ground and grew as a small budding plant. It grew for years long before the heavy cast iron rollers pressed the drying paper to smooth uniformed thickness. The pages were finally ready to be written on but the story started long before in the authors heart and mind. Oh dear God what it is you have done on the canvas of my submissive heart! From making my pages to the author laying down the table of contents in my heart before a word was ever written? Would you come with me? Walk with me through the abouretum of my soul! Separating and reorganizing the fibers that make these pages. If I asked you to consider the source would you think I was speaking of ... small trees harvested just for that purpose or would you know that I was referring to our Creator and the author and perfector of our faith?

2 Peter 1:3-4 says we are called to partake of His divine nature. What I learned in my thirties is what these scriptures mean in my life and what it means to be called according to His own purpose. In other words, He has a specific calling for each one of us.

In part I heard God speaks to me and he siad, "I placed in both of you desires. Desires that attract you to home. I give unto you both gifts. Its like a watermill that keeps all that I am pouring into your lives a constant and consistant flow. It gives you both a sense that your dependent on the will of somebody you have not seen and somebody in whom you have learned to revere and fear. As I narrate the words of your pages the readers will be surprised and overwhelmed by your Makers faithful history.

After reading pages of God's counsel I started to realize that there is more to my-story then I realize. Something much larger then me and much bigger then me. Ev

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