Mia Matthews Beautiful Cover Of 'Those Memories Of You' On American Idol

Check out this beautiful cover on American Idol from Mia Matthews of the song ‘Those Memories Of You.’ You can’t help but be mesmerized as Mia belts out the powerful lyrics, 

“Those memories of you still haunt me, 

Every night when I lay down

I'll always love you, little darling, 

Until the day they lay me down”

This country rock favorite was recorded by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris in 1987, and it was part of their album titled Trio. Mia Matthews did a wonderful job covering ‘Those Memories Of You’ on American Idol during their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame night. Her performance wowed both the judges and the audience, alike.

Katy Perry praised the young singer saying, “Not to sound corny, but I think you found your roar! The way that you looked at the cameras, and looked straight in our eyes, you’ve got a lot less fear, and that’s what’s going to take you all the way to the top.”

Many people online also praised Mia’s performance of ‘Those Memories Of You.’ They had so much to say about the talented performer.

“She’s got a beautiful voice, and I love how she has control of her ranges in her vocals! Just a beautiful performance! The chills I got!” one person writes online after watching the video.

“Classic and classy country beauty! She’s always consistent and has such a great time bringing joy with her music,” another person comments online.

It is so fun to see these talented singers on stage during this competition. They truly give it everything they have for each performance. We hope that you enjoyed watching Mia Matthews perform this beautiful rendition of ‘Those Memories Of You’ in this video and it was able to bring a smile to your face today! 

Source: American Idol

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