Tim Hawkins Imagines If Guns N' Roses Sang “The National Anthem”

If you are an 80’s music fan, you will definitely appreciate this video in which Tim Hawkins imagines what “The National Anthem” might sound like if performed by Guns N’ Roses!

Tim Hawkins is an American comedian that keeps his shows family-friendly and super fun! He is also a singer and songwriter, and music is a big part of his shows. Watch as he parodies three vastly different, but wildly popular artists! 

The routine begins with a shout-out to our national anthem. He declares his belief that it is the best one in the world—even though he doesn’t know any others! Then, he does a bit of  Russia’s national anthem along with a not-so-politically-correct joke.

Tim comments on the practice of famous singers doing our national anthem at sporting events, saying that sometimes their versions are cool and sometimes not so much. While Tim’s rendering of Russia’s first song is mostly inaccurate, his imitations of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, and Axl Rose doing the U.S.A.’s are spot on! 

Up first, Bob Marley via Tim Hawkins appears on stage to give the audience a sunny, reggae version of “The National Anthem.” Imagine yourself on a beach in Jamaica with a cool beverage. Although that might not be the song you’d be singing or hearing on a beach in Jamaica, Tim definitely puts us there! Ya’mon!  

Next, Tim channels “The King” as he does a mishmash of Elvis’s “Don’t Be Cruel” and “The National Anthem.” He assumes the check-marked lip position, and he shakes and dances just as Elvis did. And, Tim reminds us of the way Elvis sometimes finished a song, stepping away from the microphone with arms raised in a stance that is unmistakably Memphis Flash! 

Tim takes us forward just over 30 years, as he wails out a blend of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “The National Anthem.” It’s an unusual combo, for sure, but it is good! He’s got the head movements, and the i’s and o’s covered! The only thing he’s missing is a bandana and a pair of leather britches!

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