Little Girl Thought Priest Was Raising His Hand For A High-Five, So She Gave Him One

Church protocols and ceremonies can be confusing for us adults, so it’s no wonder a little girl might confuse a priest’s raised hand during a blessing for a high-five! This pint-sized princess certainly did. And, as funny as that is, it’s the reaction of the priest that is really sweet!


This video appears to have been taken in a European country. The church is more ornate and grand than those we typically see in the states, and the officiant is speaking in another language. But, there is no mistaking what is happening.


Little Miss, dressed in her frilly white dress, has come forward with her godmother, who is also dressed up for the occasion. She is to be “presented” to the church. The presentation is not a sacrament in the Catholic church; it’s more of a ritual or custom. It may or may not be done in conjunction with baptism, and it can be done at a variety of ages. Some sources say that children are often either 40 days old or 3 years old. In any case, this is an opportunity for the child to receive a blessing of protection, which is a pretty serious thing! Except, sometimes kids do the darndest things!


After giving the sign of the cross, the priest offers this little cherub a blessing, but she thinks it is a signal that he wants to give her a high-five. Apparently, high-fives are universally recognized and understood! She reaches up with her tiny hand and gives the priest a hearty tap in return! 


Her godmother puts her free hand over the little girl’s arm and shakes her head a bit in embarrassment, but the sprite seems unmoved. The priest, however, is unable to hide his amusement. He starts chuckling, and puts a hand over his mouth to hide his laughter. He’s  unable to squelch his giggles, which may be the coolest part of the video! He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and, instead, he shows kindness in that moment! 


The video is super short, but it does so much. We see the innocence of a child, the correction of a loving role model, and the grace of a man of God—connection, understanding, humor, and love!      


Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' Matthew 19:14



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