Little Girl Hilariously Does Not Mask Her Feelings During Dance Recital

One child hilariously refused to conceal her true feelings during her time on stage, performing in front of friends and family.

Children are brutally honest individuals. As all parents understand, whatever youngsters are thinking or feeling at the time will inevitably find its way out of their mouths. They have not yet developed that filter that keeps adults from expressing every single thought running through their minds. 

In addition to children being completely honest with their words and thoughts, this honestly also includes their facial expressions. In a short video posted on YouTube, one young woman was unhappy about performing in a dance recital. 

How do we know that she was unhappy? It was all over her face.

The 45-second clip starts with the little girl looking off the stage behind her. However, when she turns back to the audience while her fellow performers are going through their synchronized dance steps, the little girl glares at the audience.

She is unhappy about something and is not afraid of others knowing how she’s feeling.

Seconds into the video, text pops up, which perfectly sums up how the young woman is feeling about her current position on stage.

“POV: your mom put you in twinkle baby dance and you absolutely hate your life,” the text reads.

While the other children continue to go through their dance steps, the young, angry woman also glares at them. She does not even attempt a half-hearted dance step. She is not happy and is making that perfectly clear to anyone and everyone watching.

Many are likely able to relate to the young woman’s feelings. Most people probably would not be too thrilled about being forced to participate in a dance recital. 

This video is yet another example that children are some of the most honest members of our society. Often, that honesty is hilarious.

Proverbs 16:13 “Righteous lips are the delight of kings; and they love him that speaks right.”

Source: Rumble Viral

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