Actor George Lopez And Daughter Form Relationship After Years Of Estrangement

Actor and comedian George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez talked about how they reconciled and have been able to build a relationship after years of estrangement.

Relationships are difficult, often tricky things in which to maneuver. Feelings are not always easy to articulate. Things can come out wrong, and actions can be misinterpreted. Feelings can be easily hurt and lead to massively damaged and broken-beyond-repair relationships. Relationships, especially between a parent and a child, must be handled with great care, love and sensitivity.

In a clip posted on YouTube, George and his daughter Mayan appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and talked about their since-mended relationship and their sitcom, Lopez vs. Lopez.

The series, as Mayan mentions, is loosely based on her and her father’s previously strained relationship. However, she adds that the program is an opportunity for her to further heal from when she and her father weren’t in a good place.

“This is such an opportunity to heal, and I always wanted my pain to mean something,” Mayan said. 

She added that she has learned how to have empathy and to understand some of the things that her father did that she may not have agreed with in years past.

George added that when growing up, people would disappear from his life. But he adds that as he became an adult, he wanted to break that pattern. He desired a relationship with his daughter.

“I finally realized that, as an adult, that I couldn’t and didn’t want to do that or go down that road anymore,” George said. “And that this person [his daughter Mayan] right here was the one love of my life, and one I would never let go for anything.”

Praise God that these two were able to mend a broken relationship and decided that they needed the other in their life. 

Ephesians 6:4 “And, you father, do not make your children angry: but give them training in the teaching and fear of the Lord.”


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