Brother Hilariously Mistakes Sister’s Pregnancy Reveal As Gift For His Cat

One young man received a gift and immediately thought it was something for his cat, but he was incredibly and hilariously wrong.

Children are a blessing from the good Lord above. Becoming a parent is one of life’s toughest but most rewarding tasks. They can be frustrating and get on a parent’s last nerve. But children bring so much joy, happiness and love to a parent's life. 

A video posted on YouTube shows one man overjoyed at the impending arrival of a new addition to his family after some initial confusion.

The clip begins with a young man sitting at a table, opening a present from his sister. The guy opens the package and is immediately in love with the gift. But he hilariously believes the Cleveland Browns onesie to be for the family’s cat.

The man even goes so far as to grab the cat and put the animal on the table, believing the gift is for the feline. This happens as the woman, his sister, is laughing hysterically. The young man is informed of his erroneous assumption. 

“Zack, it’s not for the cat,” a man behind the camera tells him.

He then realizes his mistake and with eyes wide, runs over to his sister and gives her a big hug. In his overwhelming joy, he actually lifts his sister off the ground. 

He also explains how it was possible that he made such a mistake during that period. However, Zack and his sister state the unexpected news of a baby came following a particularly trying time. 

“The same year this all happened, too, our dad passed away unexpectedly,” the sister said. “And, I mean, we’ve always been close, but I think, you know, when big life events like that happen, you become even closer.”

Since the child’s arrival, Zack has bonded with his sister's baby, thoroughly enjoying his time as an uncle.

“He is, like, the total definition of “fun uncle,” Zack’s sister said. “And, they love each other.”

Romans 15:13 “Now may the God of hope make you full of joy and peace through faith, so that all hope may be yours in the power of the Holy Spirit.”


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