Christian Singer Anne Wilson Shares Testimony Of Faith In Difficult Times

Check out this video of Christian singer Anne Wilson sharing her testimony of faith during the most difficult time in her life.

Anne Wilson unexpectedly lost her older brother back in 2017 to a horrific car accident, and she remembers God speaking to her right after her father shared with her the tragic news. 

“I’ll never forget that moment,” she shares. “I’ll never forget that pain and the shock factor of that…it was just so sad and awful. But right after that, I remember hearing the voice of God speak to me very clearly and He said, ‘Anne, are you going to trust me or are you not?’ And when I heard his voice, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I have to make a decision right now in this moment. Am I going to trust God or am I going to lean on my own understanding to get through this whole journey?’ So I turned around right after my dad had just told me he passed away. I faced the doors in that room and I said, ‘Jesus, I trust you.’ In that moment, it was so crazy. This big weight just lifted off of my shoulders that I had been carrying. And I felt this peace.”

Anne continues: “I knew that I was going to be able to get through this tragedy, that God was going to give me what I needed to push through. And even though I just found out that my brother had passed away, I had this peace that was just passing understanding, and it was just so amazing. I’ll never forget that feeling.”

It was at her brother’s funeral that God gave her the strength and courage to perform in front of an audience for the first time. She discovered her voice during this emotional and heartfelt performance, and after that experience, God has been using Anne Wilson and her musical talents to share music with others that resonates so deeply.

What an amazing testimony from Anne Wilson that shows how her faith has helped her find peace and hope in difficult times.


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