Voices Of Liberty Perform ‘Battle Hymn Of The Republic’ At Disney World

A group of talented vocalists at Disney’s EPCOT demonstrated their awe-inspiring gifts with a touching performance of a patriotic, Civil War-era tune, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Anyone who has visited Disney World in Central Florida is more than familiar with EPCOT. Of the four Disney theme parks in the Sunshine State, EPCOT is geared more toward giving its visitors an educational experience. 

The park’s attractions revolve around facts about space, the history of communication and agriculture. Additionally, an entire section of EPCOT is dedicated to several countries around the world, immersing parkgoers in the history and culture of a particular country. One of those countries found in the World Showcase section of EPCOT is the United States of America, which informs about the history of the US. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, “Voices of Liberty,” an a cappella group at EPCOT,  gives a touching, moving and beautiful rendition of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Before their performance, one of the group’s members provides listeners with some background information on how the Civil War-era song came to be, which included $4, a poem and President Abraham Lincoln. 

“Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored
He have loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword
His truth is marching on”

The amount and level of talent involved in this cover is staggering. There is not a false or missed note from any of the vocalists. In fact, their voices reach for and hit impressively high notes throughout the performance. Those are, without a doubt, several world-class voices who help to comprise The Voices of Liberty. 

By the end of their captivating and emotional performance, the crowd showed their love and appreciation by giving the vocalists a well-deserved and thunderous round of applause. 

Galatians 5:1 “Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and be not entangled with the yoke of bondage.”

Source: Ethan Hiteshue

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