Doorbell Camera Captures Postal Worker’s Efforts To Save Dog From Snake Bite

A kindhearted and caring United States Postal Service employee came to the rescue of a dog who had been bitten by a venomous snake, rushing the injured animal to a veterinarian.

Animals are creatures placed on Earth by the same God who created man, the mountains, oceans and the entire universe. As such, because they are part of God’s creation, they deserve love, care, kindness and respect. 

One woman, Holle Keene Prigmore, who delivers mail for the USPS in Georgia, was doing her rounds one day in September when she came across a disturbing scene. She discovered Ginger, a beagle she commonly encounters during her route, had been bitten by a copperhead snake, according to People

Ginger’s owners, Kelsey and Aaron Proctor, were at work and not home at the time of the incident. So, Holle took matters into her own hands and got the injured animal some much-needed medical attention.

However, before she took the animal to the vet, Holle swiftly devised a way to let Kelsey and Aaron know about the situation. She typed up a message on her phone about what had happened and what she was doing. She then held it up to the couple’s doorbell camera, making sure it could be seen and read. 

Then, in a message posted on Facebook, Kelsey wrote that they were grateful for Holle’s kind and life-saving actions for their beloved pet Ginger. 

She added, “Ginger is going to be okay, and I truly believe it’s because of this woman.”

Then, in a follow-post on the social media site, Kelsey posted photos of the injured animal, one showing the dog with her back left leg lifted off the ground. 

In the post’s caption, Kelsey mentioned that Ginger is “doing well” and has “been resting, getting lots of love, and under some blankies.” 

Holle’s kindness, love and concern for the animal’s well-being helped to save Ginger’s life. 

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: New York Post

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